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Review:FallenTruths says:
Hi Jami,

Chapter 16 - I love that William is so perceptive and doesn't want to reveal too much around Alrek. I guess nothing can beat an auror's intuition, even a retired one. Also, Alrek has to know that Lily's parents are dead. What a jerk he is for bringing them up!

Wow James. PDA much? :P Poor Lily is so confused at the current state of her relationship with James, but at least Alice is there to sort her out. I think they need to just go ahead and make it official already so they can both be on the same page. Lily really needs to be more careful around Alrek! I can't believe she's giving him information that her and James will be alone at the wedding! Jami, you just set me up for a quidditch game and then didn't show it! I'm disappointed. :P

Typos: "the idea of not having him around is frighting" and "so thick that it it seemed to be suffocating her breath by breath" and "and even that may be to soon"

I wasn't expecting Bella's reward to be given the opportunity to punish another follower, but it definitely makes sense once you think about it. The only way Voldemort can insure his followers are loyal solely to him is to turn the rest of his followers against each other. At least we know whatever Alrek and Bella are planning will be mostly unsuccessful since he won't be able to kill them off at this point. I don't foresee them defying Voldemort and then him just letting them go freely immediately after that. Maybe they make it through the wedding safely after all?

Chapter 17 - Sirius clearly doesn't understand girls if he thinks running off immediately after talking to Belle is a good idea. She's probably off crying her eyes out and thinking Sirius hates her now and is angry at her. I love the relationship that James and Sirius have. The moment where James tells Sirius he wanted to be found because he was stomping around was so heartwarming. I also like how you showed Sirius reacting to Belle's secret, especially his uncontrollable anger. Unfortunately it's one of his biggest faults and probably what gets him in the most trouble.

I really enjoyed the confrontation between the Slytherins and Lily. Abigail fake crying when trying to make up an excuse for herself was so funny! I'm glad Minerva and Dumbledore were on the Gryffindor's side and didn't feel the need to act impartial as they maybe should have. I saw just one typo, "Lily had thought a lot throughout the day about the talk she had with her friends before the match stated."

Chapter 18 - So Lily has finally let herself realize what she already knew about Remus's furry little problem. I'm glad she didn't push the subject too far, but she let Remus know she would be there for him no matter what. Sirius being there to support Belle as she confronts her family shows how close they have become since the short time they've known each other. I'm really excited to see her parents and family get what's coming to them. Maybe Sirius will give them pig tails or something? :D I spotted one typo: "shouldn't have been amusing, but is was."


Author's Response: Alli! I wanted Alrek's mention to feel like that. Just a super jerky move. We know there's no way he doesn't think they're dead, and he's just a meany for bringing it up. *points finger and lectures bad DE*

I WILL show you a Quidditch game by the end, I pinky promise! They're SOOO hard to write. All the moving and people and sports words and ugh.

But yes, I totally agree that Lily should have been more careful about what she said in front of Alrek.

Hahah I like what you said about Sirius clearly not understanding girls. Most of their species doesn't :P. I always want to keep the fact that he isn't great with his temper well known, because it is such a big part of his. But I'm so excited you like the friendship moment with him and James in this ♥ those are always so much fun for me.

You know, there are so many people I think that could use a pig tail cursed to their bottoms. Maye we should get to work on learning how. think how much more interesting our days could be!

Thank you for another awesome review, Alli ♥ I'm so lucky to have you still sticking with me and making your way through the ridiculous amount of chapters ♥

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