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Review:patronus_charm says:
Ah this chapter gave me so many feels Rachel! It was especially fitting because I was listening to Death of Cedric on the soundtrack without even realising what was going to happen so it made it even sadder!

I always really enjoy the parts where we get to see what the Death Eaters are up to. I even sort of enjoyed it today despite what happened to Calvin. At first I was thinking how horrible Snape was by him being prepared to kill someone. Even though it pained me to read that part I think it was fitting that you showed him in that position, because as much as I donít like to think it Snape was horrible, he did kill people so if you didnít show it wouldnít be an accurate portrayal of him.

I found it interesting that Snape called it bringing justice because even though he did respond to the Dark Lordís beck and call he was a traitor too, yet when he talked about Calvin he seemed to be so sure in his belief and that Calvin was this awful person. I suppose that just shows the complexities of Snape and it was really well done.

Ah this line ĎA young woman Ė dark hair, pale skin Ė Bridgerís eyes ĖĎ when he had that apparition I honestly thought he was going to stop the attack because he may have had some massive breakthrough in his memory and realised that he loved/loves Beth, so it was quite heart-breaking to see him go and use sectumsempra on Calvin. I feel bad that I donít feel sorry for Calvin. I feel more sorry for Snape and that he killed someone and sorry for Beth that her father died but not that he died. I donít know why as Iím not usually this heartless but he just doesnít evoke any sympathy in me.

Rachel how could you write this? ĎSeverus felt abstractly sorry for this manís daughter, a girl he had never truly known.í Ah I wanted to yell at Snape them and tell him about what he and Beth had been through and how he loves her and they have a really cute ship name. The only good thing about that line was the fact that he felt sorry for her as it suggests that perhaps a few memories escaped being taken away and theyíre now coming through.

Will Beth ever get a happy moment in her life? Last time it was Marlene being killed and now her father. I really feel for her! I was really curious to see how she would react to the news as her and her father arenít exactly the closest of people and I really loved the way you showed it. I think her grief was portrayed really well and the scene with her mum was great. Her mum is so cold! I wanted to yell at her too, and tell her that her daughter needs her and that she should go to St Mungoís and be with her. Oh well, at least Beth has people like Sirius and James to cheer her up.

An amazing chapter Rachel and I canít wait for the rest!


Author's Response: DEATH OF CEDRIC. :( Now you're going to make me want to go and listen to that, even though that is a bad idea because that track always makes me a bit teary. (I have just turned it on now. Oh, this is so much worse than I remembered. I blame you!)

I loved getting to write Severus in this story, mostly because he was absent enough in the chapters that by the time I got to write him, I'd missed him terribly, even though it often necessitated writing him doing things like... this. :( But he wasn't a perfect person, and he was a very, very dark and tragic hero if he was a hero at all. Writing him to be nobler than he was would have been doing Snape and J.K. Rowling both a terrible injustice, and that's why I'm so glad that you and other reviewers appreciate that I DO try and make him believable in his horrible respects. And he's even hypocritical, and I love you pointed it out, because yeah, he was a traitor! I think he probably feels more repulse towards Calvin because of that -- seeing the ugly sides of himself.

I thought about making him stop the attack. I wanted to, because there are so many underlying consequences that go with killing Beth's father, ones he has no idea of in his current state, and I don't like thinking about them. But I HAVE to think about them, and Snape does too, and at the risk of sounding schizophrenic, writing isn't always nice because you've got to make your characters do things you don't want to do. He doesn't even have the respite of knowing he killed him nicely. He is just plain awful in this chapter, and bless him, I love his character and complexities so much. ♥

IT IS KILLING ME (OR ALREADY DID KILL ME) TO WRITE SNAPE LIKE HE HAS NO IDEA WHO BETH IS. I can't help shipping them hard, of course, and it's basically like blowing holes in your own ship. But things are happening even now that his memories of her are gone, and people are picking up on them, and I have ~things~ in store for you!

Amelia. -squinty look- I do not like her at all, but you're not supposed to! Writing grief is always sort of hard for me because I've never had to live through it to the extent my characters have, but I'm glad you thought it was written well. :)

Thank you for (yet another) one of your lovely reviews! I'm always so, so glad to have them, and they're so hard to respond to without sounding like a broken record. There's another from you lurking up there somewhere, and woe betides me at the prospect of garbling out a response to it. ♥ I'm so glad you're enjoying the story!!

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