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Review:Sergeant Buttered Crumpet aka Elevator McAlligator says:

My pity for Calvin is far outweighed by my horror at what Severus has done. I know he had no choice, but his initial eagerness at being singled out to do the interrogation, and the fact that he used a terrible spell like Sectumsempra which would make him slowly bleed to death rather than the more humane Avada Kedavra - reminded me, uncomfortably, that he is still a Death Eater. Despite his involvement in the Order, his avowed duty to Lily, his sacrifices; there is part of his heart that wants to be right where he is. Part of him is not noble, or honorable, or merciful. A part of him is darkness that derives different degrees of delight from inflicting pain. In times like these, I wonder how Beth can ever make herself forgive him. When she learns that the man she loves murdered her father... But her own horror will be nothing to Severus's. He didn't enjoy killing Calvin but he'll certainly be a lot worse off once/if he has his memories restored and realizes "I just murdered Beth's dad." Ignorance is his only excuse, but then, he'll still blame himself for ever agreeing to do it in the first place.

In the end, though, Calvin brought this on himself. He willfully supported the Death Eaters. He did what he could to associate himself with them. And when they asked for more, he ran. He severely underestimated the Death Eaters - he may have even thought that his past donations would be enough to make up for his desertion. He failed to understand that when the Dark Lord has no further need of you, you're utterly disposable. Severus couldn't very well have refused to kill Calvin, even if he had been aware that this was Beth's father, that his death would make the woman he loved very upset. That's one of the many pitfalls of being a double agent, I suppose. You still have to do things you don't want to do, because the sacrifice of hurting someone connected to you personally is exactly that - a sacrifice, in the greater scheme of staying in Voldemort's good graces so that he can spare Lily's life.

The situation really isn't good for anybody. But it all could have been avoided if Calvin had acted more intelligently. Unfortunate as his fate was, it really is no one's fault than his own. Now I just feel badly for Beth and Severus. Beth really does not need more bad news right now! And Amelia! God, Amelia really sucks! Beth's family just really, really sucks. Not supportive at all - so cold, so unfeeling, already detached from what's happened. Part of it must be a defense mechanism on Amelia's part so that she doesn't have to feel pain...and maybe the rest is that she's just a sociopath. Your characters are killing me!!

Poor Beth. :( She needs good news, and she needs it soon. Hopefully the saying that a run of bad luck is followed by a run of good luck rings true; and then I remember what's going to befall the Potters and Sirius and I'm sdkfjskdjfsssldsldk all over again.

Author's Response: -hauling my lazy butt over here because your reviews are always so hard to answer coherently-

A large part of this chapter was written solely to get that Severus sort of feel -- not only because he hasn't appeared in a ton of chapters in this book, but because despite the fact that this trilogy is slightly AU, I wanted it to be very clear that this was still SNAPE, as close to canon as I am physically able to make him. And you're absolutely right in that no matter what other aims he's working for -- Lily, Beth, whoever -- a part of him will always be attracted to the power and nobility of being a Death Eater and working for the cause of blood purity. And you know what, he does awful stuff because of that. I do feel so bad for him in this scene, though, because he doesn't even know the full consequences of what he's doing; I have a feeling that if he did remember Beth at this point in the book, he wouldn't have done it, no matter the repercussions from the other Death Eaters. :(

And yet it's also very true that Calvin did bring this on himself, mostly by being a coward in the degree of Peter Pettigrew. I sort of loathe Beth's parents; they are basically horrible people. Amelia feels essentially nothing about her ex-husband's death, and I think my favorite part of this chapter is that she has the audacity to tell Beth that love doesn't last forever, and Beth's like HA HA JOKE'S ON YOU THERE. I am proud of Beth much more than is socially acceptable. ♥

The next chapter's a bit lighter for all involved! I promise. :D Although I can basically promise that it'll get darker again too, because when do I write anything else? -patpat- ♥ THANKS FOR THE SMASHING REVIEWS, DAHLING, AS ALWAYS.

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