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Review:alicia and anne says:
I can't believe this is the last chapter, I am so happy and yet so sad at the same time and I haven't even read it yet!

Okay I am starting *takes deep breath and tries not to cry and fall apart*

Aww you've already killed me with the adorableness that is Kieron's smile!

I'm so happy that Kieron got married! and that everyone else's sigh of relief! He loves Dom, it's clear to see!

Ahhh Theo is my favourite person too Issac!! :D Ahhh he's engaged to Annie!! So happy for them!!

I'm so glad to see Daphne distracted by Issac too and that she's more involved it seems in the family... hopefully.

Poor Albus walking in on Theo talking about kids with Annie, he must have been so uncomfortable.

I love Issacs nickname! That's brilliant!!

Haha Kieron is so romantic! I think that they'll last! THey have to. I love them!

Yay! The talk of Tattoos! :D And Kieron you big liar and tattle tale you! I'm glad that Al dobbed him in too :D Theo can still be intimidating no matter how old his son is haha.

Yay! The family business! The name looks cool :p And with all of that and his plans.. Kieron is definitely taking over the world!

The way that everyone is surprised about Kieron being all loving and that reminds me of me and my other half, people don't believe me when I tell them how lovely he is and how much he loves me, as all they see is the sarcastic side of him haha.

I hope that Emmett and Ron won't be arguing for long and that they can sort it out.

Awww Xavier is so on a date!! He can deny it all he wants! :p

Haha trust Kieron to want Nik to fix the awards :p He'd so win, unless Theo was taking part :p

YAY!! ETHAN!! And he's calling him daddy! I'm so happy!! Oh yeah you tell Cody Ethan!

OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!!OMG! AHHH!!! HUGO AND EMMETT!!! I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! SO VERY HAPPY! Ron is just being protective! BUT YAY!

I am glad that Kieron was there to stop the fight, he's so awesome! talking about threats so casually! :D

Kieron would so get himself out of jail, haha they definitely would have to go straight to Blaise if they wanted to keep him in haha.

Hehe I love the mention of Kieron and custody battles haha such a hint to a future right there :p

OMG AJ! I am so excited that he's there!! :D I think that AJ has a bit of both haha.

Hehe Theo :D

I love all of the little pieces of information about everyone that you're addng and it all means so much!! :D Especially Kieron liking girls and the whole AJ, Lucy and Erik. And who can forget Xavier and Cody dancing!?

Lexi has done an amazng job at the wedding! It sounds like it was amazing!


I can't believe that this is over! I'm heartbroken :-( Although I'm so excited for the sequel!

AWww you're welcome Sam!I love hearing about your stories, I love everything about them! :D You're awesomer!!

I have loved this story so much! YOu have put me through so many emotions because of your fantastic writing and I have fallen in love with all of your characters so much! Thank you for writing such a brilliant story, I have loved reading every single chapter of it.

You're such a brilliant and amazing writer!

Author's Response: Yep, last chapter. So glad there'll be a sequel. :D

Kieron's smile is like magic. ;)

I don't think even Kieron was sure he could go through with it, no matter how much he loved Nicky. Nicky had faith, though. But I was as relieved as the rest of them. :P

You and Isaac have a lot in common. :P Ahh, Theo/Annie (which rhymes with Tammi ;)).

Daphne is slowly coming back. Maybe she just had to grow up first. :P

Yes, poor Albus. He was in and out. :P

I love Isaac's nickname. It's what I used to be called.

Aww, Kieron can be very romantic. They'll so last.

Tattoos are awesome, I had to add them. And yes, Kieron is such a liar. I'm very glad Albus got to tell on him as well. No one should mess with Theo.

Haha! Kieron will rule the world. Well... he has to beat Charley Rivers and Marco McConnell first. So, he's like third in the world. :P

I'm sure Nicky loves that only he gets to see loving Kieron. ;)

They won't be. Someone will sort them out.

He wouldn't deny it if someone else would admit it... ;)

Haha, yes. Nicky needs to fix the awards and stop Cody from winning. No one would win against Theo, though. ;)

Ethan! He's such a daddy's boy. Shhh. :P He speaks the truth.

HUGO/EMMETT... just for you. Well, no, but a lot for you. :D Ron is very protective, but he mostly doesn't like Emmett.

I said someone would come.

Haha, yes. But Blaise wouldn't go against Kieron unless Theo asked him to. And Theo would never do that... probably. He'd have to really deserve it. :P

Hints are love.

Ah, AJ! His story will be slightly bigger in the sequel...

Info is also love. Kieron liking girls is very strange for Albus. Because he went out with one girl when he was thirteen, then Nicky when he was fourteen, and they were all like "Kieron was just confused." Then bam, no. And Xavier had to have a dance. :D

AJ, Lucy and Erik - will also have a slightly bigger role.

Lexi is very good at her job. :D

I know, it's so sad, but the sequel will be up soon! I'm so glad you read and liked and revewed this story. Thank you so much for all your lovely words, Tammi!


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