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Review:patronus_charm says:
Woo, Iím more than half way through :D

I always wondered why Lilyís friend never felt a little bit of envy towards her, so it was nice to see that you made Celestine feel that way a little. It was only a minor part but it was a nice touch all the same. You managed the quidditch game really well and it was a nice touch to mention what McGonagall and Sprout were wearing as it added a little humour to the game.

Regulus really is a mystifying character. He bends to the rules by being friends with the older Slytherins like heís meant to, but then he goes and stands in the Gryffindor stands and sends notes to Lily. Itís nice to see how their tentative friendship is developing and I canít wait to see how their plan with Snape and Sirius is going to continue.

I really like how youíve shown that humanity does exist in the Black family. I think it was the comment about how Regulus viewed Kreacher showed it, and itís great foreshadowing of how pivotal Kreacher is in Regulusí life. Then there was the part about how Bellatrix doted on her younger sister which was rather touching. I would like to think that she had a heart at some point so it was nice to see it here.

I really liked Narcissa she had this nice nature about how her, and I always imagined her to be like that. I think it was her innocence which made it like that and it showed when Regulus talked about her girly nature and the way she wanted to speak to Sirius. I hope that itís purely out of interest about him and not trying to sway him to the Death Eater cause but I suppose Iíll never really know.

The conversation between Sirius and Regulus was great. It showed Regulusí naivety with the way he viewed Severus as a great person without faults and thought they were still family. It also showed how Sirius could have quite a cold nature at times with the remark about Regulus not being his family and telling him not to cry. I would like to think that they would have been close enough to view one another as a family but I guess the cracks are deeper than I thought.

I thought Snape was in the Slug Club, but I guess he could be joining later on or something like that. Even though Snapeís trying to reveal Remusí secret thereís still something about him which makes him likeable. I canít really put my finger on it but itís there and itís really great to see :)

Another excellent chapter, Amanda ♥


Author's Response: Yeah, I found it interesting to imagine pretty, happy Celestine being jealous of Lily. I always try to make sure my characters have layers :)

Regulus is quite daring when out of his parents' reach. Sadly, he's branching out in all directions right now trying to figure out where he belongs, and naturally that might land him in some trouble. It is entertaining when his reaching leans toward Lily, though, I think.

I really view Regulus as being the core of humanity in the Black family. Bellatrix worries about her sister, but I perceive it to be somewhat superficial; if Narcissa went the way of Andromeda, I doubt it would persist. As for Narcissa herself, I'm not sure I'd classify her as nice--more like well-behaved. It would only be proper for her to greet her cousin, whether she cares about him or not. I think she was actually sort of dreading it. You're definitely right that she's very innocent still and new to this idea of getting married.

Yeah, I wanted to show the shifting dynamic about whether Sirius or Regulus was really the one with a cold heart and a mistaken perspective. It's sad, because I think there is a lot of potential for them to be a great team, but politics just seems to get in the way.

If I remember, I mention why Snape isn't in the Slug Club later on. It's basically just because he isn't bright and flashy like the other students that Slughorn likes to 'collect.' He looks like the type to go to the dark side, which would disappoint Slughorn quite a bit. You probably perceive Snape as being more relatable than likeable, which I guess could make him likeable, but I'd love to hear more about that as you read on. I'm very interested in what people think of my characterization.

Thanks for another wonderful review :)


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