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Review:patronus_charm says:
Itís been far too long since I read this story!

I donít think Iíve ever seen you swear before in your work but it was really fitting here as it showed the brutality of the future Death Eaters and how low they viewed muggleborns to be. I really liked how Regulus sort of felt unprotected due to Snape not being there. It was as if he was exposed to a harsher reality of what they got up to and that reality had surprised him. I really liked how you added some backstory to Snapeís life too, as itís always interested me.

I liked how Rosier had become the sort of leader of them all. Itís interesting to see that heís not showing any visible remorse about what he did and itís making me wonder whether he does feel anything underneath it all or whether heís just heartless. Iím inclined to think that he does feel something as he kept on rubbing at his arm and it was almost as if to say he hadnít realised what expectation having that mark would carry.

Lilyís more devious side came into play here and it was nice to see it. It seemed like the sort of think she would do and I didnít just like it because it meant it led to a conversation between her and Snape but it showed that she had an adventurous side to her too. I thought you caught their conflicted emotions really well. It was nice to see the issue of Snape calling her a mudblood wasnít one which was going to disappear quickly and that it would continue to effect both of them greatly.

Iím so glad that you gave Peter a chance to shine here and that Lily viewed him as an equal and could talk to him. Thatís probably one of the things which annoy me most when Marauders stories completely side-line Peter but to see you give him a lot of attention here was really great and well deserved on his behalf.

It was interesting seeing Sirius through Regulusí own eye. Weíve only really seen him through thoughts and memories beforehand so it was nice to see him actually being there and Regulusí thoughts about him directly afterwards. Itís strange to see that he almost appears to be a playboy from Regulusí eyes but I donít get that kind of response from other POVs. I think itís fitting though and it worked really well.

Another excellent chapter, Amanda, and I canít wait to read on ♥


Author's Response: Heyyy Kiana :)

Yeah, my Death Eaters are not nice people. Like the Marauders, they're still fairly young and stupid most of the time, but they're not afraid to yoke themselves to their cause and do whatever feels right in the moment (with little regard for the moral ramifications, at least until afterwards when all is said and done). The cursing was meant to be a bit jarring and to distance them from the normally happy atmosphere of Hogsmeade.

Rosier is certainly the toughest of the group, and he's the oldest, which makes him the closest thing to Voldemort that Regulus has walking around in his everyday life. His continual attention to his arm is meant to show that the Mark is painful and irritating and that's he's not entirely made of stone (i.e., he can't just play it cool all the time).

I think Lily is really taking advantage of this bet and trying to make the best of it by allowing herself to call the shots. She's not about to grovel before Severus and beg him to forget that they ever had a falling out, but she's also not so harsh as to totally throw him aside when he doesn't do the same for her.

Peter has been fascinating to work with. He's got this inner deviousness of his own that his friends don't seem to really notice. Keep an eye on him, because that personality will determine the course his life ultimately takes. For now, though, he's chillingly good at playing the part of Lily's hapless acquaintance.

I actually think Regulus is a little jealous of Sirius. He laughs and acts like he thinks his brother is a fool for getting in hot water with a girl, and yet he probably wishes he could have that sort of attention and popularity as well. Because of their schism, he hasn't been able to classically learn from his older brother, and he's looking elsewhere for role models as a result--unfortunately, it's in the wrong direction.

Thank you for this fabulous review!


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