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Review:FallenTruths says:
Hey Jami! I only have one more review to leave after this one and then I'll be all caught up with my reviews.

Chapter 12 -

First, some typos.

"they had both decided to focus on asking has what she was going to wear"

"care to tell us who you’re planing on saying gave you zat disgusting zing?"

"There are a few other ones to chose from"

It's really sweet of Lily's friends to wake up early with her to avoid her being alone. I love how close the whole group is with each other and how overall they're really trusting of the group. I really want to know why Belle transferred to Hogwarts and what she's hiding from her friends. It must be something pretty big if it's keeping her from being with Sirius. I suspect you'll be revealing everything soon enough though.

Alrek wanting to hang out with Lily even though it's clear she isn't interested in him is definitely throwing up a red flag. I can't see him infiltrating the group that easily, but it certainly looks like he’s going to try.

There were a lot of little details in this chapter I really enjoyed like Frank having a toad just like his future son and James squeezing Lily's knee under the table to comfort her. The butterscotch colored kitten is adorable as well. James telling Lily she looked beautiful was so nice! It's even better that he did it just for her and for no one else to hear.

Chapter 13 - Anything titled Revelations I know I will like because it means we'e finally going to find out some more information! It looks like we will be starting with the big reveal of Alrek in this chapter. First off, can I just say how creepy Bella is in this line, "she always did like watching people while they were at their most vulnerable."

I'm a bit confused why Voldemort is already targeting James to join him if the prophecy hasn't been heard by anyone yet. I know Alrek claimed it was his leadership ability and influence over others that James has, but it still seems odd to focus this much on one student. I'm relieved that Regulus doesn't ant to harm Sirius though. I've always felt like Regulus was better than the rest and got caught up in something he shouldn’t have. If he would have survived I think him and Snape could have gotten along well after Voldemort fell.

I totally called it that Belle's secret was that she was pregnant. After the scene in the Three Broomsticks with the girls getting into a fight about one of them being pregnant, I knew that had to come into play somewhere. You definitely don't put random scenes in your story for no reason. Getting to hear her back story was interesting and definitely explains a lot about her insecurities with Sirius and why she rushed out of the Three Broomsticks last chapter.


P.S. James and Lily parenting Botterscotch together is adorable!

Author's Response: Alli!

Now that you already know the Belle secret I can't say, oh you'll know soon :P! But I'm so happy you were already getting interested in finding out her story, and that you thought Alrek wanted to go with the group still was suspicious. I was hoping I didn't make him just seem too nice or something.

Awww yay I'm happy you like the James telling Lily she's beautiful! I really wanted to show it was a sincere comment and not a just for show kind of one like so much of the stuff he does :P

Ahhh haha that line is pretty creepy isn't it?! *Pet's Bellatrix* nice little evil girl.

Honestly, I was pretty clueless on why Voldemort would want to recruit them as well. But JKR put it out that Lily and James first defied Voldemort before they graduated Hogwarts. she just didn't give a good reason why he wanted to recruit them :P. I played around with the idea of Mr. Potter having attended school with Voldemort and making some sort of impression and in these later years Voldemort either wanting to get Mr. Potter back or something. but it ended up just being too messy and not making sense on why Voldemort wouldn't have gone after James's dad. And since the potters died of old age that couldn't have happened... haha sorry my brain is going off on tangents. But yeah, basically we know that they both defied him before they graduated, so a refusal to join him i some way seemed like the most logical sort of defy. And James being a good tool for Voldemort to gather more followers was the best I could come up with :P. Let's just pretend that Voldemort has an obsession with teenage boys :P

I agree with Regulus. I really want someone to write a longer story about him *hint hint*. I think he just wanted to make his family proud and didn't realize what he was really getting into. HAHA I never thought about him and snape being friends! Now I vote you write an AU about that :P!

Yes you totally called it! When we go shopping together I'll buy you a cookie :P. I'm happy too that you think all my scenes play some sort of purpose. I try to make them, but I don't know if anyone has ever noticed that.

Isn't it so cute having those to as sort of fake parents? Haha! I really wanted to go buy a kitten after writing this chapter!


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