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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello there, Iíve been meaning to get back to this story and once I saw you pop up in review tag I seized the chance :P Just a quick question, is this short story and your other short story, Marked, and Detox in fact all interrelated to The Conspiracy of Blood?

One thing I really liked in this chapter is how well you set up the court scene. I mean, a lot of people describe their surroundings really well but when they get to somewhere specific they begin to struggle but you managed to set the right atmosphere and I really felt that I was sitting there and observing everything going on.

The uneasy setting you established at the beginning of this chapter was really great. I think one thing I really loved was Albus and Greybackís conversation as it was so unexpected, yet fitting at the same time. Then there was Hermioneís warning and I began to get worried about what was going to happen, which was great because if Iím not prepared it usually involves in a major freak-out.

The idea of showing the memories was really great and though it was rather devious of Hermione to do that it worked well. Another note on Hermioneís actions I was really surprised with the stance she was taking considering she was friends with Lupin and abhorred prejudices but then when I got to the end of reading this I realised why she felt that way and it helped me connect with a lot more.

I think Greybackís reaction to the memories was expected and it was designed to show that when someone who has broken the norms so much thereís almost no way of pulling them back. I mean, everyone would love to have the redemption scene, I always went around with the half-wish Bellatrix would apologise to someone other than Voldemort but those two people and others are too far gone in a way and you showed it really well.

I was not expecting the ending! I like to ignore that piece of canon at times, because Iím one of those few Lavender fans out there and would like to think she lived but Iíll accept the quasi-canon for once just for the purpose of the story. I do accept the whole Lavender and Seamus relationship and I thought the backstory you provided for him fitted perfectly for what their relationship would have been like.

I really enjoyed this short story and when I have free time Iíll definitely be checking out CoB :D


Author's Response: Hmmnn... So here is what I *think* is the right answer to your question. Marked could actually coexist with any canon story, because it just explains what I think happened to Draco between the end of OotP and the beginning of HBP. Detox is specifically meant to go along with the way that the relevant characters were written in CoB, including Draco, Astoria, Flint, Zabini, Gamp and all the others. Monster *could* coexist with any of the others, but that wasn't the main thing I had in mind while writing it. Make sense? Why are you shaking your head? ;)

I'm really, really glad to see you say that the court scene was easy to follow. I spent a lot of time thinking that one through and trying to be sure that the descriptions were just right. I do think it's really important for a reader to be able to immerse themselves in a scene, and the little details are often surprisingly helpful with that.

I was absolutely in love with the idea of Greyback intimidating Al just for the fun of it. Greyback is so cocky in this story. He thinks that he's played the game perfectly and he can't lose. So he's definitely not above doing a bit of taunting. Little does he suspect what's coming...

I think there was part of Hermione who wanted to believe that it was possible that Greyback had changed, but her loathing was simply too strong. And it proved to be correct in the end. This story was never meant to be black-and-white in the sense of there being an absolute moral right and wrong. Hermione prejudges Greyback for reasons that, to her, are very valid. He did awful things during the war. He killed Lavender among many others.

Ah, the ending. If you've ever read Year of Darkness and it's little related stories, you'll know why I fell in love with the idea of Seamus and Lavender being "secret lovers" during the year of Voldemort's regime.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it and I hope you can find time to read CoB. I'd love to know what you think. Thanks for the awesome review!

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