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Review:nott theodore says:
Hello my dear! It took me much longer than I anticipated getting round to reviewing this, but I'm finally back :)

It's hard to know where to start, actually, because there is so much happening in this chapter! So I'll start at the beginning (a very good place to start...)

So I liked how Hermione was the one to find and comfort Tor after she saw Katie being cursed by the necklace. It fits in well with her character, and like you said, although they lead separate lives their worlds do intersect at times. The contrast between Hermione's behaviour towards her and Draco's was really marked for me, and when he threatens to tell Voldy about her talking to a Muggle-born I got so annoyed at him, particularly because she wouldn't have needed Hermione's help in the first place if he hadn't tried to smuggle the necklace into the castle.

The more I see of Draco here the more I wonder how on earth the two are ever going to be married. I actually really hope you do a sequel to this story, because I'd love to read your explanation for how it happened!

Another thing that I liked at the beginning was that you showed Tor's vulnerability. She really is so young and there is so much for her to deal with at her age. She wants to seem grown up before her time, I think, but at moments like these she's reminded that maybe she isn't as strong as she thought she was.

Then the contrast between Draco and Terry was brilliant, too. They seem completely antithetical at this point; whereas Draco chastises and threatens Tor, Terry is the one who calms her and looks after her. They're so sweet together and I really like his character. You've made him a lot more real for me than he ever was in canon because of the depth and the back story you've given him here.

I love the introduction of the name Hyperion! It's quite sweet to think that, even though she goes on to marry Draco Malfoy, there's a part of Tor that still loves Terry and wants to be reminded of him. Although I know that this story isn't going to end with the two of them married, I'm quite apprehensive that Terry might die at the end of this - I know if he does you'll have me crying buckets!

Ah, the kiss. About time, wasn't it? :P So they've finally recognised that they have feelings for each other, beyond the strange sort of friendship they had, which is, undeniably, progress. But then Terry had to let slip to Tor that he's a Muggleborn, confirming all the suspicions that she didn't want to hear. I'm not all that surprised that she ran away from him, with her inherent prejudices about pureblood supremacy, but it still made me sad. I'm interested to see how Terry will react when he finds out that her father is a Death Eater, because he seems pretty firm in his beliefs against them as well. It's going to be a difficult thing for them to overcome if they're going to have any semblance of a relationship.

Goodness, I felt so sorry for Tor at the end of this chapter. While she is prejudiced, it's what she's been taught from the youngest age by the people who mean the most to her, so I can't really blame her for feeling the way she does. I really hope that starts to change in the future, though.

Another fantastic chapter, m'dear!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hola! :)

Can I just let you know how amazing you are for leaving such dedicated, thorough reviews for so many of my stories? Very, very amazing, is how much! :P

Also, I now have Do Ray Me stuck in my head, and am thinking about a Sound of Music/HP crossover. But that could never work... right?

I'm glad you liked Hermione's little cameo, and how their lives intersect just so slightly. It's so fun to integrate the HP characters and events into the story, one of the best things about writing Hogwarts era I think. And yes, Draco is so hypocritical and mean! He does eventually get a bit better, but I wanted to show how awful he was during HBP and avoid the cliche man stud Malfoy of Dramiones as much as possible! :P

Aw, I'm so glad you like Terry! He's actually one of the hardest characters to write for me just because I don't want him to seem too Gary-Sue ish, even though it is through Tor's eyes, who adores him. You're right, there is a big difference between Draco and Terry, and as for what's going to happen well... you'll just have to keep reading and find out! :D If I ever manage to keep updating, that is...

Yes, finally they kissed! :) I'm glad you sympathize with Tor's little freakout, what else could she do after all? I'm glad you're asking these questions and wondering what will happen, it makes me very happy!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! :D

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