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Review:nott theodore says:

Oh my goodness, poor Dom! From the title of this story, I really need to learn to expect that nothing will go right for her, but I keep having hope that something will get better. You make her suffer so much!

The Teddy and Dominique interaction at the beginning of this chapter was so sweet. I'm glad that he's still there for her and that he's not going to go away easily, no matter what she does. I thought you really showed how much they love each other at the beginning and how well they know each other; they kind of match their actions to the other's needs. I love the fact that he wanted to try and prepare her for the bad news, and that he was the only one who could get her to listen and agree to talk to her family properly. His anger on her behalf when he found out about what her editor had asked her to do was very believable as well.

And then, after building up such a sweet interaction between the two of them, things have to get even worse for Dom! The contrast between the two works really well because it emphasises how awful the news really is. I feel so sorry for her - it must be completely heart-breaking to hear that she's capable of conceiving children, but she shouldn't because she would be a danger to them. Her own condition could kill her unborn child! That moment when the werewolf bit her has completely changed her life, and any hopes she might have had for the future. It really was a devastating thing to happen.

I thought that it was lovely that her mum and sister wanted to be there for her when she heard the news. You could tell that you'd gone to a lot of effort to research things about pregnancy because the details you included about that made it sound really convincing. I just feel so sorry for her!

One thing I love about this story is the way that you're exploring the physical effects and her emotional turmoil after the werewolf attack. Including both aspects makes this story so much more enjoyable to read.

I'm terrible at guessing what's going to happen next in a story, but I think the decision they want her to make is whether she should have a hysterectomy or not so that she isn't in danger of conceiving a child that she can't carry safely. Whether she'll do it or not, I don't know. If I were her I'd be finding out as much as possible about previous female werewolves and seeing if any of them have been able to have their own children. It's really interesting to see lycanthropy from a female perspective, because while Remus obviously suffered the stigma and pain of his condition, his life wasn't affected so entirely as Dom's seems to be. After all, he could still father children - I wonder if Dom would even be allowed to foster or adopt a child if people know about her condition, as they might think it puts the child at more risk.

I'm looking forward to getting the chance to come back and read the next chapter, but I want you to know that I'm really enjoying this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! Your reviews are always so massive and awesome, they make me so happy! Thank you. Sorry for the delay in responding though!

Ah yes I am an evil author, I make Dom suffer a lot, the poor thing. *evil laugh* xP

I am pleased you liked the Teddy/Dom interaction. They do love each other a lot and want the best for each other. Where Dom is impulsive and rash, Teddy is calm and controlled =) I am glad you liked the way things played out between them, and that Teddy's anger on Dom's behalf was believable.

Yeah, it is quite awful isn't it? *sigh* I felt quite sorry for her while writing it too, but in the end, I want to show all the bad things she has to go through and this is one of the important ones.

Of course, her mum and sister love her as much as Teddy does, maybe even more - they're family after all - so they have to be there for her. I did do a lot of research, haha. I am pleased it paid off and it was believable.

Ah I really wanted to delve into both the physical and emotional aspects when the plot bunny first hit me because I felt it would be incomplete and somewhat unrealistic if I explored only one. Glad you think the same way and enjoy it!

Indeed, that is the decision as you found out in the next chapter. It's called a 'magical fix' but yeah it is equivalent to hysterectomy xP I think, as I've emphasised in the story couple times before, Dom is more of an impulsive person so she may not do that much research before making her decision. She'll try to explore other options in the future though - if the story goes that far haha. I am happy that you find this whole female perspective interesting. Remus could obviously father children, and Dom can conceive too, it's just that her body may not be able to carry the baby through, or the wolf transformation every month would be too much for the child in the womb. The fostering and adoption thing is something I haven't looked into entirely yet because it's not really needed but it might be looked into in the future yeah.

I am glad you are enjoying the story. I sure am enjoying your reviews. Thanks a ton!

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