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Review:patronus_charm says:
Where to begin really? Ah this story was amazing and I loved every bit of it and Iím so glad that I read it. Plus thereís a sequel which got me really excited but Iím probably going to read it after June 17th as my exams will be over and I realised itís not a good idea to read a novel when youíre in the middle of them, but I had fun so oh well!

I didnít think Scorpius would be dead and Iím so glad that he came back to life. I think itís a call talent to have and I wouldnít mind electrocuting people if they annoyed me from time to time. I loved the idea of the ban of misfits too and it seemed really cool. Scorpius is still adorable and he will forever be in my heart by its team Floral yíall.

Iím guessing the curse used on Flora was sectumsempra due to Harryís reaction. It was really great how you tied that all in. Plus Dracoís ok and that made me really happy and the way he fought with Harry was awesome and I really loved Scorpiusí humour when he was like for some reason he doesnít want to work there again. I realised I wrote a massive sentence which should have been three so apologises for that.

I loved the twist and that Diadem win was well deserved as this is one of the most original stories I have ever read. I never thought the whole Death Eater uprising was going to happen when I started reading this but it made it infinitely better and it had some action scenes which are always fun to read. Plus Fauna made up with them I never mentioned that in the rest of the review and itís an odd place to include but it needs to be said.

This story was simply brilliant and I loved every second of it and I will be back for the sequel exam permitting ♥


Author's Response: Eee, I'm so happy you say that! And that you chose to procrastinate from studying to read this - I'm most flattered, but I sincerely hope your exams went well regardless!

Me too, to be honest. You could use the hands like cattle prods when you're trying to get about on a daily basis. I walk very fast, and often get frustrated by people who dawdle and slow me down - if I was Scorpius, I could just zap them out the way. Not that that's a bit psychotic or anything.

Yes, that was the exact curse! Ten points to Ravenclaw! I didn't really spell this out in the fic, which was stupid of me, but what happened was that, when Draco was taken hostage in the Department of Mysteries, he was forced to teach ~Death Eater~ spells to his captors. The idea is that he initially refused, but as the weeks went by and he was blackmailed with evidence of Scorpius being bullied, he cracked, and eventually taught him the worst he know, which he'd learned from Snape (and from having it used on him by Harry). So, whilst I'll probably never write any interaction between Flora and Draco that would explore this tension, I imagine he'd feel deeply guilty for the rest of his life that the spell was used on her. Poor guy - he's got enough angst in his life already...but, on the plus side, this is his turning point where he accepts that he can work with Harry, and this is where my 'Auror Harry and Draco Kicking Butt Together' headcanon comes in. Can you imagine them sharing an office...?

Thank you so, so much! I'm really honoured to have won the Diadem - I was never sure how this fic would work, because I didn't want to come out and say explicitly that it was intended to be subversive, almost a parody. I was worried that I'd just end up alienating people who were genuinely here to read romance - which isn't a bad thing, mind - but I've had some nice positive feedback which has made writing this fic very worthwhile! I'm really, really glad you liked it and thank you so much for your amazing reviews!

Thanks again, and I hope your exams went well! ♥ ♥ ♥

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