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Review:patronus_charm says:
If I miss the next couple of Saturdays itís due to all my exams happening the next week and the one after that, but Iíll probably get bored and come on here anyway :P

What is this line ĎHe would surprise the Lord with Lily Evansís deathí my jaw literally dropped when I saw it, Iím not even kidding. He canít kill her, ok I know he canít but the fact heís planning it is horrible. Alrek is Voldemort 2.0 in the making. Then this line ĎThe Mudblood would be dead by tomorrow morningí he doesnít even seem sorry about it and he tried to be friends with her in the beginning. Gah I hate him so much.

Thank goodness for the Alice/Frank fluff to brighten my mood as I was close to doing something dangerous to let me angry out about Alrek then. I think itís so cute that they might move in together and I wasnít even bothered that she was snooping. The irony of Lilyís thought though ĎDid people really buy houses this young?í I couldnít help but laugh as she got married and had a child really young too and she doesnít know it yet. Iíve seen lots of reasons as to why they decided to get married young and Iím intrigued to see yours.

Iím actually disappointed that Alice, Belle and Lily arenít moving in together. Now you mentioned the idea Iíve fallen in love with it. It would be as if the three witches were taking on the world together. Surprisingly, Iíve never seen a story where the Marauders all move in together and I canít wait to see what trouble they cause. I guess I get part of my dream with Belle and Lily moving in together, but I wonder what will happen to theirs and Aliceís friendship as this is obviously going to cause a bit of a shift in it.

Itís really sad that Iím envious of Peterís job. Iíve always loved history and if itís history and magic combined it must be brilliant. I honestly donít see why people complain about History of Magic it would probably be one of my favourite classes at Hogwarts :P

I have to give Alrek some credit as that plan was pretty ingenious given how easily the others all fell for it. I really liked the short snippet with James and Violet and how you just left it with them being alone together and itís up to my imagination to figure out what happened next. How could you leave it like that? Who cares about eleven thousand word chapters, this anxiety about what heís going to do to her is horrible. At least the one comfort I have is that he canít kill her as thatís not canon ;)

Another amazing chapter, Jami! Now youíve left me on this cliff-hanger Iíll probably be here for the next :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana ♥ I'm so excited for your exams to be over so you can get a break!! You deserve one, that's for sure.

Alrek is definitely a sneaky thing. He put on a good act in the start, trying to be friends to spy on the group, but now he's sort of unraveling.

Oh my gosh I didn't even realize how ironic that is! Wow! Good spotting, and now you've given me lots of Lily James feels! Haha! Something that has always made me really sad is when people having them get married because of the war stuff and it just basically being a, 'okay lets do it' thing and not because they just love each other so much. So I can definitely tell you it won't be the 'scared of the war' type of deal ;).

I absolutely agree about it causing a shift in Alice's relationship with the girls. They're so lucky they have magic so they can pop over much easier than us having to get in the car and drive, or take a train or bus!

Hahaha awww I'm happy that you connected with Peter's job! Some types of history I really enjoy learning about, then others just put me to sleep :P. WWII and Native American History are two of my favorites.

Hahahah I'm sorry for leaving it like that!! It was just SO LONG otherwise! The only reason I didn't feel quite so bad is, like you said, we know she can't actually die yet. A little suspense is good for the heart, right?:P

Well the next chapter will always be waiting for you, so don't stress if you get busy with exams!

I hope this response made sense. I'm half dead from exhaustion today, but your reviews are always so amazing that I can't help responding asap!

Thank you so much, Kiana ♥

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