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Review:CambAngst says:
I'm going to start off with an observation that makes me feel like the biggest tool in the universe. You should know that I wouldn't do this for most people. But because you're so special, I'm going to point out that there's a typo in your chapter description. "exited" should be "existed". Feel free to go ahead and mock me behind my back now. ;)

You got this chapter off to a roaring start with one of the best one-liners I've seen in a long time: "I think we would've been less shocked about that, dear. We have seen Voldemort before, you know. We've just never seen you kissing the Malfoy boy." -- Brilliant! So magnificently understated.

You gave Rose Ginny's name for a middle name. That's one of those funny little things I always pay attention to in Rose stories, because JKR never gave her a middle name. I always think it betrays a tiny little bit of the author's bias about the character. You've definitely given her a lot of her aunt's fiery spirit and need for independence.

The meat of the conversation was really revealing. So much so that I kind of wish this had happened earlier in the story. There are so many things going on in this chapter and this is such an important moment for Rose and Hermione. I'm worried that it's going to get swept under for some readers because of the intense action that comes later.

I loved the way that they finally come to an understanding about what Hermione was truly trying to accomplish by steering Rose away from her love of wandlore. The passion flowing from both sides in this scene was incredible. So much was said and said with such emotional impact. Poor Hermione just wants to know that her kids are safe, that the don't have to live a hair's breadth from death the way that their parents did for so many years. It's perfectly natural and understandable, and it reminds me a bit of Molly.

"Well, when I found out about the cup and Hufflepuff's descendant, I was a bit preoccupied with not getting killed. What with us being on the run and all." she threw an annoyed look her daughter's way. -- but Hermione hasn't completely lost her spirit, has she? That was a great line for her.

So, Zacharias Smith... Interesting choice of arch-villain. I definitely did not see that coming, and now I feel like going back through to see whether you ever water-dropped him at all. I don't remember it anywhere. A very unconventional choice of bad guy.

"Derek Smith is the mole. They walked into a trap." -- Aha! I wondered why he was being so open about challenging Harry's authority in the last chapter.

You made Zacharias into a very menacing villain. His threats are deadly serious and fiendish in their implications. I was a little worried that you overplayed his martial abilities, however. To disarm a very experienced Auror like Ron in such a seemingly effortless way struck me as too easy. Either Smith is a very powerful wizard or Ron just never saw it coming. Either way, that was a pivotal moment and I thought it could have used a little more elaboration.

I liked the paragraph where Harry puts it all together where Derek is concerned. The story fits in a very tidy way. Again, I wish you'd slipped in a little more about Derek earlier in the story. I love getting that "oh, man! Why didn't I notice that before???" feeling when I come across a big reveal in a mystery story.

The Peverell Society's plan was perfect in its insidiousness. Of course they wanted the hallows to live on. And the only way for that to happen would be for Harry to reclaim proper ownership of the Elder Wand and use it for its intended purpose: to spread death and destruction. Even after Dumbledore became a pacifist, he still used the wand. In that way, he wasn't as strong as Harry.

"... Malfoy made a right mess for us, when he disarmed Dumbledore but lucky for him, you got to him before us. He owes his life to you." -- Nice little detail! I am impressed!

"... The wand answers best to you. Use it! Make another Stone. You are a Peverell. You can do it!" -- Ah, now I get it. So they believe that Harry can duplicate the magical feats of his ancestors and recreate the Resurrection Stone. Whether or not it's possible, that's a brilliantly fiendish idea!

Yay, Rose! I love it when the girls come to the rescue in a HP fic! I was tickled pink with this ending, although I'm now desperately curious to see what happens next. I'm feeling a bit hollow that there's only one chapter left. This has been such a fun ride, and I do hope you'll consider the possibility of taking Rose and Scorpius's story farther into their future in a sequel? Plleeeaaassseee?? (bats lashes)

Author's Response: Finally I've gotten around to responding! So sorry for the delay! And I would never mock you behind your back! Thanks for pointing it out!

I wanted the confrontation between Rose and her mother to be in the context of them being left behind for the battle. With emotions running so high, something has to happen!

The thing I wanted to get across about Smith is that he is a tool. He thinks he is very important and he is just another pawn. We'll see about that later :P

The part about Draco and the wand was something I really wanted in there, because I've built this story so that it gives the impression that it was always happening in the background. It was a secret world that the books didn't show us.

And as I've already told you, there will be a sequel. So thanks for that :D you poked my plot bunnies!

Thank you again for all the wonderful reviews and feedback and for being just all around awesome!

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