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Review:Sugar Quills says:
So, this is the end of the story. And the end of another era of book induced madness. I can't say i'm not sad, but I can't say I'm not happy that there's a happy end to this. So, onto my points review!

1. Lily and Jack. They're back together as a plot point, and their scene was so very cute. They thankfully weren't perfect, so you win today Genower, but still, it does leave a little stone unturned if you want to continue with this universe again (Which I sincerely hope you will, maybe a little storyline revolving around Ellie again? I want another Ellie story XD).

2. Ellie! How could I not put in a point about my favourite character. And I love the fact she's slowly getting back to normal. As in the previous point, maybe another storyline about her? I know that you've already done one, but there can be Newt storylines, and Lily and Jack storylines, and Albus storylines, and I'd like that to happen. Btw, I'm coming up with shipping names for Ellie & Albus and Lily & Jack, because those 2 seem to just be shipped endlessly. Why not Elbus and Lick. I laughed when I realised I'd written Lick (XD). But still, more Ellie.

3. The little cameos not played out, but mentioned. This means James' visit, Roxy's curses, and Lily's letter to Ginny. These were so cute, and I would have loved the letter to have been written out especially, because it would have been so cute. But still, I do like these little mentions. Also included in here, a little bit more explained, but not enough for a plot point, Lily explaining to Dean about dropping the subjects. Good start to the chapter, I have to say.

4. Gardner has to have a comment here somewhere, obviously. And this works amazingly. I like it, and it really did make me happy that Lily did get a happy ending with the department of mysteries. Maybe that could be a new story? Sorry, but I just want more of this universe, so I'm now just suggesting any potential storyline, in order for you to write more about it. And you'll just get me continually asking you to write a new book. (After half term, wednesday, we both have a psychology exam, and I will just continue to ask you to write a new book on the bus ^.^).

5. Little one-shot scene of James and Chelsea's marriage? Please? I know a lot of these plots are circling around these storylines, and I know you've got new storylines ready, but I'm just too attached to give them up. Doctor Who is on pause till the 23rd of November, and I need something to cling on to.

Yeah, so, keep writing, and I will push you to write more (Especially over summer, when I will join tumblr after exams, and then pressurise you there :P). I can't wait till you message me saying "new chapter" on facebook, and if it's sad or bad, I will continue the threats on the bus XD

Good Luck in later writings

Sugar Quills

Author's Response: YAY review! I thought it was going to be stuck on 79 forever :D
1. I know you want an Ellie story! But no more on Ellie, for the moment anyway. A few stories surrounding her mum and dad are floating about in my head, though, so we'll see how that turns out...
2. Ellie practically is back to normal- she just needs time to settle, and accept what's happened, which will take time... but like I said above, I haven't had any urges to write anything else on them, I'm afraid. Elbus and Lick are the best effing ship names I ever did say. o/ ship all of the things!
3. Thank you very much. That beginning all came out in a rush on Friday after college- it was kind of awesome.
4. Obviously. How could a character that is so clearly me NOT have a mention? She's epic. ;) I know! And I think what I really love is that Lily doesn't feel she HAS to do anything anymore- she's found she WANTS to. Yay character development! >.< NO. STOP. NO MORE ELLIE OR LILY OR JAMES OR ALBUS OR CHELSEA OR ANYONE ELSE'S PLOT, OKAY? Leave me alone :(
5. Okay, fair enough, that idea did make me go 'ooh!' So maybe. NOT DEFINITELY and 'I'll get on it right now'- MAYBE. Possibly in the future when I'm stuck on another piece of writing. Okay?
Well, actually, this review interrupted me plotting my next story. So you're actually distracting me from it. Oh no- really? That's mean. :( You're mean, Sugar Quills boy.
Thank you very much :) Thanks for all your reviews!

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