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Review:Jchrissy says:
Seriously Becky? I've been a good writing partner, having I? Poking you to get going when you take too long putting your amazing thoughts into words, poking you more when I decide these words are taking too long... I've been good to you, haven't I??

AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? By giving me a million cliffhangers in less than (I forgot to check the exact amount) 4,000 words? By bringing all these feelings I have for Krum and Rose back into my heart, then twisting me up into a little pile of worry and feels?

Okay, well, I guess I can't complain too much since the talent you have at getting me so intoxicated with your characters is something I love so much about you writing. But now I'm going to PM you demanding to know what happens next.

Your style has changed for this. Though that's not exactly right. The first book was full with the feeling if... being naive I guess? Rose was young in a lot of ways, though maybe an adult she was still pretty naive to the world. And something about the way you wrote it showed that. This one, the feeling has grown up a lot. Not that your writing felt like it was new in the first book, it was just ROSE that felt young. And here it feels like so much has changed, rightly so considering how much she's changed. I don't feel like I'm a young girl struggling to get where she wants, handle her overbearing career, and then starting this new romance that was way too much for her but everything she needed. Now I feel like I'm more skeptical, maybe a touch hardened. Okay. I'm not making sense. This is your fault. Why do you have to write such amazing characters that feel so real they want to rip my damn heart out?

Viktor was still Viktor, and i could kiss you for that. He's been through everything. He can adapt. He's lived to adapt. And he's still a man of few words. I could feel the struggle he had letting Rose go alone, though. I think he realized she needed too, but he also can't quit the protective side of his nature.

And Rose. I don't know Becky, I just don't know. God, I wanted SO MUCH for them to be together. I love what they made one another in to, and I loved Rose getting to find this new side of herself and Krum getting to be a better person. But I feel this sort of emptiness in her now. And you wouldn't be doing her justice if it wasn't there. She gave up everything. If you portrayed her as this happy girl who was living the island dream, you would have really dulled the sacrifice she made for Krum. In turn, dulling her love for him. But still, it sort of breaks my heart to feel like she did give up so much.

And GOD I don't know if I'm making any sense, but this just gave me so many feelings. I wish I could give you a coherent review, but don't worry Dan will give you one when he gets to this I'm sure :P. So I'll just blabber on and try and get across what I'm feeling.

Your mention of Rose's reaction during one of her and Krums ventures to town was just enough to show us that this is taking a toll on her. And I feel like Krum knows that too.

Then you show us how perfect they are together. And how Krum is doing everything he can to make this as easy as he can by making a table for them. And then the lovey feels just all came rushing back. UGH. This is so hard for me. I just need you to write this entire thing over night, okay?

PS: the idea of Vanilla and tuna mixing smells is a tiny but repulsive. HAHA. I hate seafood though, so I'm a bit biased. I love that you went into detail explaining the island without throwing facts in our face. We understand what sort of world they're living it, how it sustains itself, and how they've meshed into it. The comment about girls putting red seaweed in their hair was particularly adorable.

In high school I went on a trip with a group we had to Pueblo Mexico and we ran pipes through there to get water to a village, and that place feels so much like what you're describing. A much simpler existence where woman made homemade tortillas on a stone outside over fire.

You're such a talented writer, Becky. I think the only reason I'm not dying of jealousy is because how much I love these people. Haha. And the fact that when you're a famous author one day, I'm going to demand signed copies of books and say, HEY! I WAS THE ONE WHO POKED HER TO WRITE.

This was an incredible second chapter and an amazing way combine the story I know and love, with one that can stand on its own two feet.

Now I want more.

I wish I had CC or anything helpful to offer you. But I couldn't imagine a better way to start this story.

Author's Response: *hides under a rock* I didn't know it was possible to feel both super excited and super guilty all from one review :P You can have all the spoilers you want as long as you don't quit as official hand-holder!!

It's so weird that you feel like there has been a style change. I felt the same thing while writing it. I'm not sure if it's all just the change in Rose, who is in a bit of a darker mental place right now, or if it's actually the way I'm writing. Does it make me sound like the most totally conceited person to say I feel like we've both grown and changed since the end of OtE?

Squee! Everything you said about Krum was just what I wanted to come through in that scene. He is adapting to this new life so much better than Rose, mostly because he had nothing important to leave behind. He's living free and un-bothered -- just what he always wanted, so he's missing and lacking nothing.

You're not rambling at all! I'm literally so excited by everything you're saying because it's exactly what I was hoping to convey. To me, OtE was mostly about Rose asking herself if she could ever love a man like Viktor. This one is more about whether loving him is enough. For him the answer is easy because he has nothing else. For her, she's giving up everything, and even if she loves him, is that too high a price? Okay, I'm going to shut up about that now because if anyone else reads this response they'll think I'm the most pretentious person ever!!

haha! I didn't really think about how truly awful that smell combination would be. But you're right, that's disgusting! Other than that, I'm glad you liked the details. I thought it was important to set the scene here to help contrast with her return to London later. Hopefully it wasn't too much. I struggle with knowing where to draw the line with location setting.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for pushing me through this chapter! Seriously, I just can't even say how awesome it is to have such amazing support!!!

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