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Review:Jchrissy says:

I don't know if I'll ever be the hugest Judas Priest song fan, but this one still fit Sirius perfectly.

I loved that, while it was a song fic and they did help prod the story along, it was still a story within itself. You captured the intense peaks of Sirius's personality so well but still managed to put an actual story line with them. I'm not entirely sure what brought Sirius to his parent's house in the first place, if it was to actually talk Regulus out of his decision or not, but it set up for the perfect Angry Mood Sirius.

The combination of him obviously not being successful with convincing Regulus to change his mind, and having to deal with them set the perfect storm in Sirius Black world. Anger, which is always too close to the surface I'm sure, guilt that he doesn't want to admit to feeling about where Regulus will end up and why, and plain and simple disgust at the people he came from. Now if that doesn't get this boy in crazy state, I don't know what will.

The moment Sirius sets off on his bike, you know it isn't going to be a calm night. Just like misery loves company, turmoil loves turmoil. And what better thing to mix anger with than the roar of a motorcycle mixed with the rush it brings. You know you aren't invincible, but you still feel that way. And that's a damn dangerous combination :P.

When Sirius's thoughts start to even out and dwell on Regulus, I felt myself just wanting to hug him. There's so much guilt in there, so much that he doesn't want to come to terms with and he probably doesn't even have the ability. Maybe he could have helped change Regulus, but maybe not. Either way, he doesn't want to face that and just wants to lose himself in it all.

Which sets us up perfectly for your next scene. I've never actually heard tweedy used as an insult, so now I'm giggling. It works perfectly here, and poor Sirius was going to hate the person driving the car no matter who it was, so he might as well make his insults creative :P.

I can't really comment too much on this scene because it's just so much... intensity. In a very good way. The combination of anger and amusement was just so enjoyable to read, and I was just as frustrated/entertained at his terrible joke as I was the first time I read it :P

The way we move from his need to race, then his need to really twist the knife he's putting in the man was just great. He's already terrified him by flying off the cliff, and now he's going to give him a heart attack by coming back up. Ah, never a dull day in the life of Sirius Black :P.

I'm happy you ended with the clear picture that Sirius's anger had diminished a little, and he's ready to go back to the people he loves to comfort him. Though of course he won't be thinking of it that way.

This was such an intense and enjoyable story. Like I said before, it stands by itself without the need of the song lyrics, which I think is my favorite thing about it. They're there to enhance it, but don't detract from the awesome tale you spun for us.

Author's Response: Hi, Jami!

I think we can all agree that you should become a *huger* Priest fan. Well, maybe you don't agree, but I'm in complete agreement. This song does fit Sirius to a T. It's all about a protagonist who's been marginalized and frustrated and he's taking to the open road to rediscover himself and release his frustration. I always imagined that Sirius loved his bike because of the freedom and "me time" it allowed him.

I tried really hard to make this a meaningful story that could have stood on its own even without the song lyrics. I don't really like song fics that are completely song-driven. There needs to be more substance there, and I'm glad you felt that there was.

I definitely put Sirius in a bad spot, didn't I? Bad Dan, bad! I'm sure, however, that he couldn't completely avoid his family after leaving home. And I do imagine him as the sort of brother who would have tried to talk Regulus out of following the path that ultimately led to his death.

I'm glad you liked the peaks and valleys of Sirius's night. I didn't want to make it *too* obvious what was really eating at him the most, because I felt like it even took him some time to sort it all out. He's an emotional guy, and there were so many different bad dynamics going on in that family.

I think the first time I ever saw "tweedy" used as an insult, it was in a P.J. O'Rourke book. I love it as a way to describe the sort of faux-college professor, wannabe intellectual society type of guy. The tweed jacket had leather elbow patches, but I figured Sirius probably couldn't see those from his vantage point.

What Sirius did to the guy definitely wasn't nice, but I feel like the driver of the Jag is the sort of person who steps on other people quite often, so I'm sure he had it coming.

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it! Once I started writing, it rolled out pretty effortlessly. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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