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Review:Sugar Quills says:
Good news! I'm not going to threaten to kill you this chapter's review! ^.^ Onto the random points of plot!

1. You fixed Ellie. YOU FIXED ELLIE. I want to hug you and swing you around the room. Because you fixed my ultimate favourite character ever. Yes there are going to be complications throughout, but ELLIE! YAY! So, so happy (Main reason I'm not killing you.)

2. Jack. This is the chapter where I actually feel for Jack. Because it's all out in the open, and it seems that all that I thought existed, wasn't what it seemed. Nice job at the plot twist there, although I was more expecting you to do some old timey run and kiss. Not that. So, kudos to you, Genower.

3. Professor Gardner is so much like you. Reminds me of how you were over our friend (You know the one), but in real life, it's just so much more, I think, than the way gardner is. But that's kinda because they're not friends, Lily and Gardner.

4. Ginny coming back is good, but a bit like "We're just gonna pop in now whenever we want". However, I do understand it would be extraneous circumstances, when your child bangs her head from a potions explosion. Ginny's been the continuous figure of power mixed with motherly love, and it's nice to see her true to form.

5. Final chapter coming up, and it's time for the ending soon. There's going to be a Jack and Lily scene, that's evident, but I'm scared that it'll be a glee, where suddenly, a random character will pop out of the woodworks.

6. Extra note, about all of the minor characters which appeared. Aimee is so sweet, and understanding, really need more of her, even though I know it's only 1 more chapter left. Roxy has had a less impact, only have a little mention of her visiting, and Teddy has been himself as normal, funny, but serious, the perfect teacher. This is one of the best dialogue scenes we've had with him in. Oh, and about the McFarland comment? So glad you did that. So glad.

As always, 10/10. Keep writing Miss Genower, keep writing. And keep the threat in the previous chapter in mind. I intend for at least for that to partly happen if you do what was said.

Author's Response: YAY! That's always good news!
1. (I didn't fix her, smartbutt James did) I want the fact that I managed to make a metaphor last two novels remembered forever, so we can joint celebrate! (No really, it's linked to the fact that holding on to someone too tightly is actually very bad for both you and them, and Lily had to let go of Ellie to help her. And how something well intentioned can actually be very dangerous and does the exact opposite of what you want to come out of it. ANYWAY)
2. I always felt for Jack, but I knew the contents of the letter, so... and yeah, that was the idea. BUT I had Jack mention the sister a bit so it was actually something people could've picked up on if they looked hard enough, which no one did... eww, no. No run-and-kiss. Bleh.
3. Yep. I think Gardner (and by extension, this scene) was actually born out of that particular bus ride. Like, that scene randomly came into my head that night- I've had it sitting around for ages.
4. It's actually more like 'I'm the wife of the Chosen One, let me in to see my unstable and depressed daughter or else' kind of situation, but yeah, I love Ellie to pieces. (Plus, you have to remember that Dean Thomas (Professor Thomas) is actually Ginny's ex, so they do have a friendship-type-thing still there that she can use as leverage...
5. Indeed, it is. I DON'T DO RANDOM CHARACTERS. ONLY CHARACTERS MENTIONED BEFORE (see: Jack's sister Reagan, McFarland).
6. Aimee is lovely, but no more of her, sorry. Her scene is only included because I wanted to remind people that total strangers are good people, too, as well as the bad calling Lily all those names and spreading rumours about her. Roxy is cool, but I couldn't fit her in in this chappie. Which McFarland comment? I can't find which one you mean :'( please tell me!
Thank you very much. This story is written! I am plotting my next one though... be warned. Your feelings will explode by the time I'm done with you.

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