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Review:Lululuna says:
Hello! Ah, sorry about this being so much later! :( The shady airport I was waiting at turned out to not have internet, but I have the story open and am writing the review now in anticipation of posting it later.

Wow, this was really beautiful! I think you're right, Remus often gets overlooked with his responses to James and Lily's death. He's lost four of the people he loved most in the world, in some way or another. I really enjoyed how he barely mentioned Sirius, as though it was simply too painful to even spend his thoughts contemplating the betrayal.

I love how you characerized Remus as always being in the background, forced to watch and observe instead of being an active participant. I feel like he blames himself for not being more dynamic and saving his friends, and his self-hatred really comes through strong. It's heartbreaking, really, how he has been marginalized by his position and yet marginalizes himself all the same. In this story I saw the Lupin from PoA, an incredible person who isn't quite aware of it, but also a younger, shell-shocked self.

I almost would have liked to see Remus singing Peter's praises a little more, maybe being surprised that Peter has turned into a hero. I found it interesting that Peter didn't even get a funeral, just a memorial. Also, it's quite sad that Petunia and Harry weren't there. I feel as if Petunia could have been invited, but probably declined because of her wariness and forced hatred of wizards. Also, I suppose Dumbledore wouldn't have wanted Harry in public because everyone would be staring at him and he might even have been in danger. But still, it was sad! :(

Remus' thoughts regarding Harry were just lovely. I think you did a good job here of justifying why Remus never sought Harry out-he wasn't even told where he was staying! His pact to teach Harry the truth was very moving, however. I also liked the line about Petunia being the sister Lily had loved and detested, it fit very well with their relationship which is only really truly revealed in DH.

One suggestion I thought of when reading this lovely little story was that I would have liked more descriptions and/or memories. Even if they were just really minor, like... ah, I don't know, Remus remembering James' laugh, or wondering if Lily's green eyes are open or closed, or thinking about Peter's nose twitching as a rat, or Sirius slinging his arm around Remus' shoulders (random, I know). Just some physical descriptions or memories to give the story that extra level of depth. Up to you of course, but maybe something to consider adding! :D

I'm really glad I read this, it was very well written and enjoyable! I love your writing! Thank you for the swap! :)

Author's Response: Haha, don't worry about it I'm still waiting for reviews from swaps I did several months ago :P

I thought I was alone in thinking Remus would be really affected by their deaths but the response from this shows otherwise. I'm glad that you liked the lack of mention towards Sirius as I imagined that his betrayal was possibly even more painful than their deaths.

I'm really glad that you liked Remus' characterisation as that's one of the things which saddens me most about him, as she so rarely gets his chance in the limelight and it's almost as if he doesn't mind because the guilt of their deaths is still following him through no matter how many times people say it isn't his fault.

With Peter they only found his finger didn't they, so I don't think they really could have had a funeral for that :P Obviously head canon is different to everyone but I always imagined that Petunia would almost be too wracked with guilt to turn up at the funeral and obviously if she didn't go neither would Harry.

I always found it odd that Remus never did try and make contact with Harry so that's why I had to put that justification there. I'm really glad you liked it as I thought it would be a Remusy thing to do.

That's a good idea, and when I re-edit this some day I'll definitely include some. I just didn't want to draw too much emphasis on them, as he's still grieving and trying to avoid thinking of them too much in fear of bringing back bad memories.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the review and the lovely compliments in it; they really made me smile ♥


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