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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey there!

I really loved the way you kept on weaving in the chapter of this story into the actual story it was really great. I can see how these events are beginning to spiral out of control though. I canít believe Charlie hasnít told her about being a wizard, though Iím terrible when I have to say massive things like that so I can understand why he hasnít. One thing that saddened me was the lack of Weasleys at his wedding; does Molly even know heís married? Ah so many unanswered questions, itís horrible!

The anecdotes about Charlieís run-ins with technology were great. They really made me laugh, and it showed them in that happy marital bubble people are in when theyíve just got married. Ah Iím so glad that you posted the link as Iíve forgotten how much I love Charlie and Liz they really are adorable.

I have a theory! First the mentions of nine months after their marriage seemed a little too suspicious to me, as thatís how long youíre pregnant for, then Liz being sick and now a talk. Iím thinking Weasley generation 2.0 is on the way! I really hope my theory is correct, because the baby would be adorable though I donít know how Charlie would explain the magic happening. I guess I should carry on reading rather than theorising.

Charlie you idiot! You made Liz cry how could you? That part was so sad I was nearly welling up to, as you rarely see those two other than being cutesy and thatís probably why I was looking forward to the reveal scene with dread as I knew there was going to be some drama around it. This line ĎďYou know how every time I touch something electronic, it sort ofÖ explodes?Ēí sort of made up for Charlieís mistake, I really wish I could see that happen as it must be great!

Ah the awkwardness! Poor, poor Charlie I really felt for him during that scene. You could see how much he had been psyching himself up for it and then for Liz to react like that. Well, if she hadnít of reacted like that I would be the tiniest bit suspicious as I donít think I would take any news like that so calmly.

That chapter was great and this is third cliff-hanger Iíve been left on, why do people keep on doing this to me? Itís not fun at all!


Author's Response: Hi there Kiana! Again, thank you SO MUCH for reading and reviewing this for me! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, and I'm sorry for the crazy amount of time it has taken me to respond to this!

I'm glad you liked the weaving of this with the series, I'm really trying to stick as closely to Canon as possible on this. Charlie's been gone for so long that SO many things are happening in the family, and I really wanted the readers to be able to keep up with those things! You're absolutely right, though, things are certainly getting to be a bit out of control. Well, actually, they're more than a bit out of control, but we'll see that in later chapters... :P I know, how DARE Charlie not tell Liz about being a wizard? :O I'm glad you understand it though... I really wanted it to be believable. And yes, the lack of Weasleys at the wedding is quite sad! I'm considering writing a one-shot/companion piece to this that shows just the wedding... I honestly sort of wish I had included a chapter on it, so I may wind up going back and editing it in. As for whether or not Molly knows if he's married... we'll see. :) *Cackles evilly*

I'm glad you liked the stories about Charlie's run-ins with technology; I was afraid that they might be a bit too much. :/ Glad to hear they weren't, though! And YAY for the happy marital bubble! Awww!! I'm so glad I posted the link, too, your review made my day! ♥

Like everything else in this chapter that is unanswered, your theory about there being a Weasley generation 2.0 on the way will have to be either proven or disproved in later chapters... I'm not giving anything away! :D I will say, though, that Liz being sick and the nine months of marriage thing was not intended to hint that Liz is pregnant... that was a total fluke. Everyone who's reviewed this chapter so far has guessed that Liz is pregnant, and when I read the first review (yours), I was like, "Where did that come from?" And then I looked back at the chapter and was like, "Oh"... :P I really just needed an amount of time for them to be together, and nine months sort of popped out at me, and I also really needed a reason for Charlie to use an appliance, and Liz being sick also jumped out at me... whether or not this disproves or proves your theory remains to be seen! :D (I'm enjoying this whole "omniscience" thing a little more than I should!) :P

Haha! I agree, Charlie is an idiot for making Liz cry. Awww no, don't cry! That's gonna make me cry and then I'll spend all day moping about instead of writing the next chapter... XD I know what you mean, I sort of dreaded writing the reveal scene because, so far, everyone who's read this has loved the whole Charlie/Liz dynamic, and I didn't want this chapter to disappoint or make anyone want to stop reading! As for Charlie's statement, I think he's exaggerating slightly, but I thought we could use a little comic relief in there. :P

Yeah, Charlie really was trying so hard to pump himself up to tell Liz the truth, and I imagine her reaction is really going to hurt him... buuut as you said, looking at it from Liz's perspective, it's hard to be sympathetic to Charlie. I've always wondered what a muggle's reaction would be to finding out their significant other was a witch/wizard, and this was the first thing that came to mind, so I'm glad it worked!

Aww, I'm sorry for the clyffie, but I promise you'll get at least a few answers soon! :) And again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥

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