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Review:Phoenix_Feather49 says:
If reviews are gold, you should be getting pretty goddamn rich ;)

Cracking chapter, I not ashamed to say I shed a tear. It was so beautifully written and very poignant in a way! I weirdly took Lily's side with the whole Roxanne thing; I was like, "YEAH! YOU TELL HER!" when she was yelling at Roxanne, but then I was a bit scared by scary Lily.

The accusing James and Albus bit was very sad actually and perfect. James' speech was "!!!" and "I'm going to cry now" worthy ;) I would've like to have seen Albus a bit more because I loved Albus in In My Blood and I miss him (obviously he's not a main character, I know) so it would've been cool if he'd been like, "Woah Lils, calm yo tits!" sort of thing.

(I'm very hyper because I just completed a couple of my exams so I'm celebrating with sweets. My history exam was diabolical too, so no worries. I hate those exams when they give you options between two lots of questions and I'm like: "EVERYTHING I'VE REVISED IS IN THESE QUESTIONS! YES- oh wait I can't answer the final one, I'm going to have to answer the other one. That happened and I nearly cried.)

Lily's definitely in "self-destruction mode" like you said- though she doesn't seem to realise that "self-destruction mode"= hurt everyone around her. It's very sad.

You will laugh at my theories ;) Do you actually know how you're going to end it completely? Is this the final one in this mini-series if you will? Any more follow-ons planned?

Me and my friends think (we have taken to reading this together and texting each other as it goes on. I don't care if we're sad.) either get Jack back on the good side or leave him on evil side and have Lily cure herself after a few years or meet someone new? Basically anything could happen with you. Hey, maybe Ellie will be miraculously cured, pulling Lily out of her depression and then Ellie'll marry Albus and the Jack thing will turn out to be a dream and Jack/Lilly will be back on.

Hang on, I've just remembered who the author is ;) The heartless author who makes me die inside with her awesome writing! I'm kidding, I can't wait to see what happens!

Update soon! Love this, love you, keep writing!

Author's Response: I would be, but they never get old. :)
Aww, you cried :') I'm glad you enjoyed it. Oh, don't worry, the reason Lily was so harsh was because I was genuinely getting riled up at what Roxy was saying, even though I love how calm and logical Roxy is. And yeah, Lily did... lose it a bit.
Urgh, that was the first of this I write. My brain just sorta spewed it out and then I had to edit it into the chapter until I liked how it fitted. And James' speech was just so wonderful to write... I missed him so much. And I really wanted to write Al in, but he wouldn't speak, godd*mmit! He just didn't know what to say or do. He'd been dealing with Ellie for so long he'd forgotten that Lily might need caring for too.
(cograts on getting through them! It's hard to even just survive exams psychologically, so HAVE ALL OF THE SWEETS AND CHOCOLATE AND DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS NUTELLA (nutella is just happiness for me after exams) and :( I'm sorry your history wasn't great but remember, history is one of the most difficult exams you can do in the British education system. And that is the WORST FEELING in the middle of an exam. I hope you're okay)
That's usually how it is, though. I know that's how one of my family has been acting for a few years now, and it's really tearing us apart.
I LOVE THEORIES, AND WILL NEVER LAUGH UNLESS SURPRISED OR IMPRESSED. Of course I know how I'm ending it! I knew the end of this before I fully knew the end of IMB, actually. I just didn't know the beginning. :D This is the final story for Ellie and Lily, yes. I'm really sad about it, actually, but I will have told theirs. It's time to find other characters in me now :) BUT, having said that, two years ago I did loosely begin to plan Katie and Wood's story- how they began to date, Katie writing her books and everything in between. So that might yet be written.
(I'm not even exaggerating when I say I squealed and told my mum about this. YOU GUYS TALK ABOUT THE CHAPTERS? I WOULD ACTUALLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING I OWN TO READ SOME OF THEM. PLEASE. JUST ONE HILARIOUS LITTLE ANECDOTE OR SOMETHING. Many apologies for my inner Caps Lock Harry showing, I'm a bit overwhelmed by 'my-writing-is-liked?' feels right now.) Now, speaking as a reader, I'd LIKE Jack to be redeemed but it'll be interesting if he isn't. And good old Lillers, cheering herself up. Ooh, someone new? That'd be cool. Ellie cured would be the best thing ever! Ellie and Al wedding for the win :) They're so sweet together. (I promise this novel doesn't end 'and then I woke up')
HEY! I'm a nice person! I like people! My characters have to live my experiences sometimes, though, to keep my writing interesting! Next chapter should be up in the next couple of days if nothing goes wrong... fingers crossed!
Thankyouverymuch also did I mention that this is the third to last chapter and the next one will be the penultimate one and then the story ends and I have to start writing a new novel?

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