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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Argh!! So much melodrama!! I love it!

The interaction between Pollux and Orion was quite heartless and greedy, as is to be expected of Blacks. The thing that I was most concerned about was the fact that Orion is Pollux's son-in-law, and yet, his name is also Black. (I'm not too familiar with the Black Family Tree.) So I looked it up and... Ew. Orion married Walburga, his COUSIN... Blech! It just proves further what a mess this family is.

Aside from my easily-cleared confusion about family lineage and whatnot, I found the changes to Cygnus's will to be... Mysterious. Why would he change things, and did he know that he was going to die? What a conundrum! And what of the eavesdropping house-elf? Will she come into play sometime soon?

The drawing room scene, with its "five wax figures," rather reminded me of a wax museum, like Madame Tussaud's or something. I regret to say that I've never visited a wax museum, but I would expect to see this scene if I did. Super creepy!! I thought it was rather appropriate that Bellatrix was like a bull in a china shop while disrupting the silence, and that she is also described as a "sadistic cow." Bovine fever!! :)

But (and this may just be an oversight on my part), you said that there were FIVE figures in the drawing room, and I only counted four: Walburga, Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Sirius. Did I miss someone, or did you leave them out on purpose?

Sirius's remark to Narcissa about not being Regulus's keeper reminded me greatly of Cain and Abel in the Bible. It's quite appropriate, as Regulus, the younger son, is favoured and Sirius may or may not be jealous, like Cain was. Ultimately, it smacks of betrayal and brotherly hate, which, if it isn't the case at the time of this story, is definitely going to become more true as the Black brothers (as opposed to the Blues Brothers, hah!) age.

Druella's death--oh my gosh! It almost reminds me of And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie, except Druella committed suicide. The last line gave me chill bumps, despite this excruciatingly hot weather we're having in my area. My question is: Did she really love him that much? If so, why? What kind of a person was Cygnus Black, really? Was he a schemer, a plotter, and did he cause his own death? Why would he do that? So much "why"!!!

I suppose, though, that I can't have the answers to my many questions until the very end. That's the way this whole thing generally works! :)

As always, you've done a marvelous job with this chapter. Your powers of description are awe-inspiring, and I aspire to write so marvelously as you do!

And also: It's fine that you took a little while to respond to my previous reviews. I can certainly understand being busy! Besides, there are people who have requested reviews from me who, to this day, have never responded, so you're doing much better than most!! :)

Here's to more Black deaths (maybe?) and the continued destruction of the house of cards they've built around themselves!!


Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you love it - and it definitely is dramatic! :)

Yeah, Orion is completely heartless. Pollux isn't quite so bad, but still not exactly normal... Cousins - I know! It's really pretty weird. Explains why Sirius is so messed up, lol.

Mm... good points, good points ;) Cygnus' will is definitely significant and all those questions will be answered in the end, I promise! Though perhaps not in a way you expect (or not? ;D).

Haha, I have actually been to Madame Tussauds - and it is oddly appropriate. Huh, I didn't think of that! I didn't notice the bovine thing either, with bull and cow so close to each other - cow was just a usable word which meant what I want it to mean, lol.

Wha -?! No, no, there are only four - it was a mistake ;) Thanks for pointing it out - I'll go back and change it with a quick edit soon! Thanks for that! (Basically, I originally wrote five, and then promptly ran out of characters. Such is life! :P)

Haha, yeah, definitely opposed to the Blues Brothers (I love that film!)! And yeah, it's not so much betrayal here, but there are certainly feelings of betrayal and dislike - it's really a broken relationship which isn't really being fixed for various reasons. Poor boys.

You know, that is actually one of the few Agatha Christie's I haven't read/seen. Ah, she committed suicide, did she? ;) But yeah, it is a bit creepy. The fun - for me, not perhaps for you - is that writing about characters who are already dead is that perception changes with death, particularly immediate death, and so I can play around with that. So yeah, Cygnus was anything... and everything, lol. His personality may well crop up later on in the story ;) Or at least, matter.

Haha, yeah, unfortunately! Otherwise it would all be spoiled!

Thank you so so much for that - description for me is actually quite hard! As to more Black deaths: perhaps. Perhaps. They're definitely headed in the direction of spontaneous combustion, though ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review, all the compliments (and for letting me off responding so late - I'm so bad at it!) and everything! :)

Aph xx

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