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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey Aph! Iím glad you posted the link as this chapter was certainly one not to miss!

I really loved the part when the person is just screaming and the others are wondering what on earth it could be. You really built up the suspense really well and did a great a job of keeping out of the know despite you knowing, as I often that hard to do. I also loved everyoneís reactions as to the scream and they were all in character.

I really liked Sirius at this part as you can tell that he felt a little guilt about wanting to have something more exciting, yet at the same the worry begins to build up inside of him. Iím really glad that you chose to make him worry about his family as I would like to believe that he did care for them despite what most people think about his relationship with them so that part made me really happy.

You really showed their emotions of Narcissa and Bellatrix really well. Iíve always been interested in their relationship as theyíre so similar and different at the same time. I liked how you showed that Bellatrix was still humane at this point in time and that she let her sister cry on her as it showed how siblings bond together in a time of need. Walburga and Regulusí reactions were also great and it made sense for Walburga to be the more reserved one, and for Regulus to let out his emotions more.

I always imagined Regulus to be a weakling, I think it was the way he became a Death Eater as I always imagined it was due to him being led on blindly, and that was shown again when he was sick. We got a really lovely sibling moment between those too as well, and it was fitting to them uniting in the face of death.

This line described what I meant about Regulus perfectly Ė ĎďSo delicate, my baby boy,Ē she murmurs. ďAlways so delicate.ĒĎ

I know it was mean to laugh at this line as it was meant to be sombre moment but I couldnít help but crack up at it ĎI know you were cursing puppies when you were fifteen, but not all of us are psychotic.í I thought it was quite touching that Bellatrix was so astute about who was and wasnít there and she seemed to genuinely care about her motherís death. I never really know what to expect from and this was a pleasant surprise.

This is the second cliff-hanger Iíve been left on today! Itís my turn for a crazy theory though! Perhaps Crouch murdered both of them, and only came up with that theory to disguise his own. I suppose Iíll never know but itís fun to theorise! It was a great chapter and itís really left me wondering where on earth Crouch got to.


Author's Response: Hey Kiana - I'm glad I posted the link too, since you stopped by, lol. ;)

Gah, you're not the only one - it's so hard! The only thing which made it easier here, I guess, was the fact that they had to get out of the house before finding out, so the suspense was sort of already built-in, if that makes sense? O.o But yeah, it's hard so I'm glad you think I did alright ;)

Sirius is very complicated, and I like trying to unravel him and how he would feel about things like this going on. He does care about his family, but he's still kind of on the outside of the fold, which is an interesting viewpoint to write.

Yes! That's exactly what I think about them too, lol! Bella is a bit crazy, as we all know, but she's more empathetic than she is in the books. And Cissy is her baby sister, so she always has a free pass, lol. I'm so glad you liked all the characters, though! :)

Yeah, Regulus is a bit... well, he's not as emotional as Bella and Sirius, in one sense. He doesn't really get angry or upset or anything, and he definitely doesn't have a strong stomach. Same here - I always felt he really had no idea what it would be like, and couldn't cope with it at all. Poor boy. And yes, very delicate :P

Haha, yeah, I quite liked writing it and debated about taking it out, at one point, because of the mood but decided against it. It's too fun :P Bella, I think, is thinking about it a bit more in terms of revenge than anything else, but it's kinda how she deals with it, tbh.

Ooh, crazy theory! I love crazy theories ;) Perhaps, perhaps... and you will know, but only at the end! :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for the wonderful review! :)

Aph xx

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