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Review:SpoonyLupin says:
Hm. I wonder what's going on with Angie's family. First she doesn't want to talk about her Christmas traditions, and now she's staying at Hogwarts. I wonder if it's something like her just not being close with her parents or something, or if it's something more. Or maybe her parents are dead or something *watches her closely* I love how Rose tells Albus that jumping up to look out the window every five minutes won't get them there any faster. It kind of reminds me of me. Whenever I'm behind someone at a traffic signal, a lot of the time, they'll keep creeping forward until the light changes. I always say, "Creeping forward into the intersection won't make the light change any faster." *cracks up* A lot of the time, people end up in the middle of the intersection before the light changes, so not exactly very safe! *pokes them*

OMG! I absolutely love the idea of a healer's set with dolls you have to diagnose! Could I use something like that for Rianna? She'd love that *cracks up, because I'm talking about her like she's real*

*pokes James for making fun of Albus for doing a "girl's job"* The gender thing aside, decorating cookies is fun, especially for little kids. I'm sure James decorated his fair share when he was little. Oh, gee, James doesn't even want to decorate the tree now? Honestly, what is wrong with this boy? *laughs* But yeah, they'll never know who's performing the magic in a houseful of wizards *snickers*

Percy and Hermione may have filled the quota for geniuses, but they were hardly in Ravenclaw, were they? You need some of those in the family too *nods* Those notes that only the recipient can read are ingenius. *cracks up at Albus getting a book on Muggle sports for Arthur* He'll love that. Again, here I am, talking about them like they're real people *laughs* Aw, I love the idea of the little model of Hogwarts for Harry. You're really good at coming up with presents for the characters, Margaret! I always really struggle with that, so I tend not to talk that much about what my characters are buying for each other. Well, after so many stories, it does get harder and harder anyway! *giggles*

Author's Response: Can't say much about Angie.

Yeah, I remember being really impatient going home for Christmas my first year at college, even though I was home every weekend anyway. And there was this little kid opposite me with his mum who kept asking how much longer it'd be and if my town was the next stop. I eventually told him I was going there too and I'd tell him when we were getting close. He made it feel even longer than it should've. *laughs*

And of course you can use the Healer's set.

I think I'd have liked one myself when I was a kid and it does seem perfect for Rianna. *huggles her* She's about my favourite of your next generation characters.

What's wrong with James is he's basically the Hogwarts equivalent of a 2nd year. *dies laughing* I know he's in 3rd year, but the British start secondary a year earlier than we do so Hogwarts 3rd year is our 2nd year. I've joked about being tempted to ask "would I have any second year classes?" when they ask if I've any questions at the end of job interviews. A lot of kids seem to go through a difficult stage at that age. I remember at the end of 1st year, one of our teachers told us "now don't change next year." I didn't know what she meant then, but I sure do now.

He'll grow out of it eventually.

I find presents really difficult too. Took me ages to come up with all of those. The Healer's set just kind of came to me, but Albus's confusion over what to get his dad was me putting it off 'cause I couldn't think of anything either. *laughs*

Don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of the years because I've pretty much run out of ideas. *laughs*

I made up those notes YEARS ago for another fanfiction and just adopted them in here.

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