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Review:SpoonyLupin says:
I am so into this story at the moment. I couldn't wait until I got home today so I could read more! I like the title of this chapter - the Empty Inkwell. I don't know, it just sounds interesting. Ooh, a Slug Club party *claps* And I wonder what surprise Albus has when he's packing for the holidays *reads*

Well, Rose is Hermione's daughter! She sounds so much like her sometimes *giggles* *rolls* That sounds like my family - someone's always late to Christmas dinner (or whatever holiday it is), and we can't eat until they get there. My dad and I like to be punctual, so when they say they're having dinner at 4:00, we get there by 4:00. Oftentimes though, we don't end up eating till an hour later or something, because we're waiting for everyone else *shakes head* They always have appetizers out though to tide you over *giggles* Yeah, more often than not, we end up waiting for my cousin and his wife, who have seven-year-old twin boys, and they usually end up being late, because the twins apparently got up to something. I wonder if that's entirely true though. Reminds me of my sister. She's ALWAYS late. When her boys were younger, she blamed it on them, saying they got up to something or other. They're teenagers now though, so she can't exactly keep blaming them for it. They were always late anyway before they had the kids, so it doesn't make sense anyway *cracks up*

*cracks up at Rose not understanding why the pictures on television move, but photographs don't* Yeah, I can imagine how hard it must be for Muggleborns to go to Wizarding school, and not have access to television or video games any longer. I would have absolutely DIED without my shows and games *giggles* Nathan sounds like my sister - she's too afraid of breaking computers to even learn how to use one. A bit strange that Dora and Angie aren't joining in on the conversation *wonders why and watches them suspiciously* Aha! Perfect time to ask Slughorn some things - when he's had a few drinks *giggles*

Haha, yeah, I was just going to say that it sounds like some popular Quidditch players might be there. Gosh, Slughorn really isn't that great with keeping things secret, is he? *laughs* It would be funny if Slughorn invited Ginny to his party. I could just imagine how Albus and James would react to their mother showing up! I wonder if you're foreshadowing a bit by having Albus thinking about becoming a professional Quidditch player *grins*

Oh, Margaret, a leprechaun band? *laughs at the image* AHA! *cracks up because I keep saying that* But Slughorn says "such a pity" about Blackburn. Yep, I knew it. She's got to be a vampire or something *watches her closely* What else could there be? Like I said, I don't think you'd do the werewolf thing again, although it would be fun *grins* Slughorn's words imply that something happened to her, and that it's not something she was born with, like her being half merperson or something *wonders if that's even possible* Very interesting. *rolls around dying* I love how Slughorn always tries to rationalize talking about these things by saying, "This is just casual conversation" or "This is purely academic." Oh, Slughorn *pets him* I almost spit out my coffee when Slughorn says, "Nothing to worry about then." Like he always realizes too late after he's said too much, and he needs to reassure himself *snickers* Like anyone would tell him that they're going to use his information to make themselves immortal or what have you.

*laughs at Slughorn implying that Trelawney's an alcoholic and not seeming to notice or even care* Yeah, Slughorn would get suspicious if they started asking more questions again this soon after. Even he isn't that thick. I imagine that if it's something like I'm thinking, then Neville would know, but he's not exactly going to go carelessly talking shit about the teachers. He's probably sworn to secrecy anyway.

*GASP* Someone's trying to frame Albus! I'd hide it for now though until he talked to Rose about it. I mean, they probably planted it a while ago anyway, right after this happened. Whoever it was probably wouldn't even know what Albus found it or not. I do think he should tell McGonagall or something though *nods* Not necessarily a Ravenclaw though. It could be a teacher or something. Oh, yeah, that's true - anybody could enter if they get the riddle correct. Kind of a bit unsafe then, isn't it? At least the portraits could tell if someone's a Ravenclaw or not and whether they should enter. Then again, it didn't stop Sir Cadogen from letting Sirius in, so... *laughs* He was a bit daft though. Then again, JK said on Pottermore that Hufflepuff is the only common room to have never been seen by outsiders, and it's arguably the easiest one to get into. There's also a little something called the Polyjuice potion anyway, so nothing is really foolproof, and it would stop people from asking questions if a non-Ravenclaw was hanging around the eagle. I imagine, though, that the teachers are perhaps given free access to the common rooms. I mean, can you imagine a teacher needing to urgently get into Ravenclaw tower for something, and standing there for ages, because they can't get the riddle? *laughs* *cheers for them going to Flitwick* We never see him that much, even in my stories, and Shandurai's a Ravenclaw and all. I should include him more *makes mental note to do that* Flitwick is fair, I think. I rather doubt he's going to go jumping to conclusions like that. Anyway, if Albus was guilty, why would he go turning the evidence in? *laughs*

Author's Response: I was really looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this chapter, because there's quite a lot in it, between Slughorn's party and the inkwell being found. *laughs* And all the Christmas traditions and stuff.

*laughs at your sister being like George and blaming her kids when she's late* There'll be a bit more about them in the "Gifts and Games" chapter. I like that one too, even if nothing very important happens.

I love how indiscreet Slughorn is. It allows me to have him let stuff slip, like he did to Tom Riddle, although at least here he's doing less harm.

And I actually did laugh out loud at the though of Tom Riddle replying to why he wants to know by saying "oh, I just want to make myself immortal and have no problem killing people to do that." *wonders how Slughorn would have reacted if he did*

Actually, Riddle should have said that as a joke, like "what do you think, Sir? That I'm going to kill a load of people and create Horcruxes *laughs*".

And I really like your theories about Blackburn.

I'm now thinking I should have slipped in a description of her, but I never got around to it.

Yeah, the teachers could probably just ask for the passwords to any of the other common rooms, if they didn't have them already and could just guess the Ravenclaw password like anybody else. Not sure how teachers would get into Ravenclaw tower in a hurry though, if it was urgent. Unless it's possible to get in without answering the question. McGonagall seemed to have to in Deathly Hallows though. *ponders*

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