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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey Amanda!

I wasnít expecting a James-centric section so I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was one. Iím not sure why but I really liked your James and he was very Jamesy. Re-reading that I didnít really get my point across, so Iíll try again. You managed to catch his little quirks and what made him, well him really and it was really enjoyable to read.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the James snippet was when he got the map and was looking for Lily. One would assume that it would seem a bit weird that he was searching so desperately for her, yet you managed to make it not that way. Iím really intrigued to find out why Lily is going to the pitch though I have my suspicions that itís something to do with Regulus or Snape. I suppose Iíll find out in the later parts of the chapter.

I have to admit before reading this story I never ever imagined that Lily and Regulus could be friends. Itís not that I viewed it as impossible I just never thought about it, yet since reading this Iím thinking yeah you know what they could have been great friends for all we know. Youíve created this tension (tension doesnít really describe what I mean, but itís for lack of a better word available) between them, and it sort of makes you wonder whether that was always there.

Regulus was a really curious person to read throughout that encounter with Lily. I think it was due to his observations of her. He noted the school uniform and then correctly assumed what Lily did in regards to Snape which is what aroused my interest. I donít think Lilyís that much of an open book to be able to recognise that straight away so he must have put some thought into it.

Then the plot which is the summary appeared. I really canít wait to see how that develops as Iím sure itís going to be interesting. I really loved that scene with Snape and Regulus and how Regulus promised to help Snape win Lily back. I think the end of their friendship was one of the saddest things, as it was so pivotal in their life as it took them into such differing directions. This plan will not only, hopefully make Lily and Severus friends again, but I really like the blossoming friendship between Regulus and Snape too.

I have to admit Iím so used to seeing Snape in this story when I read Exploding Snap, I thought I read Exploding Snape.

I know I keep on saying I love this and that scene, but I think my favourite was definitely the one between James and Sirius. It was just lovely really. I liked the idea of the letter being the thing which triggered off Siriusí decision to move out of his home and seek refuge. Then the way he planned on running way too. It was so matter of fact and unlike them in many ways but fitting in others. I have a feeling that this plan is going to go well at all. It seems to perfect.

Another great chapter, Amanda ♥


Author's Response: I don't like James very much in canon, so a big task for me in this story was to create a version of him that felt canon and yet seemed likeable to me. I thought it was interesting to have him looking for Lily on the map; I'm sure it wouldn't have seemed quite as endearing to many readers if it had been Snape looking for her. With James, though, it's easier to view the action as reflecting care and concern.

I don't know that it would be realistic for me to portray Lily and Regulus as great friends; it's more like Lily feels a kind of kindred spirit with Regulus in their dual losses, and Regulus views Lily as someone he can enjoy toying with. Like any good Slytherin, he can read her pretty well and figure out how to manipulate her. I'm sure those observational skills of his came in handy when he tried to plot against Voldemort.

Without revealing too much, I will say that Snape's desire to reunite with Lily plays a big part in his developing friendship with Regulus.

Yeah, I really like the interaction between Sirius and James. I thought it showed their brotherly love and James's true nature, which is that of a compassionate, righteous person. Trying to look at the good in James has been surprisingly easy for me as I've written this.

Thank you for your fabulous review, Kiana :)


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