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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey Rachel!

Ah itís July that means thereís only three months until James and Lilyís deaths :í( At least I can begin to prepare myself for it, and enjoy cutesy Harry time! Even though it was only a fleeting thought about him I still loved it! I think Iím turning a little obsessive over baby Harry, but itís nice to see thatís heís safe for now and not hunting down evil wizards of whatever!

The deaths were brought up again. It really saddens me when they are, as it shows how futile their efforts were. Itís strange to think that if Lily hadnít sacrificed herself, they may have lost as so many people were dying during that war, it doesnít look like they would have stood a chance at beating them.

I really loved the minor characters in this chapter. The actions of Mafalda and the lunch man were great. Though the lunch man did have to win due to his grumpiness, and the glaring haha it reminds me of the dinner people at my own school :P Back to why I loved them though, is the effort you put into them and how even though they only appeared for a few paragraphs or whatever, I still got a sense of their characterisation and that was really great.

Oh god that moment with Timothy! I was just sitting there thinking can this get anymore awkward or what. Iíve been wanting to see what the consequences of their lunch date might be and I really loved it. I felt bad for Beth as she really was trying to be honest with him, and then he goes throws it back at her. I can see both sides though. Obviously Beth canít say who the other person sheís sort of with is as that would ruin everything, and if Timothy doesnít know that heís not going to believe. Oh well Iím still on Team Sneth so Iím not too bothered about this ending.

Ah the letter from Sirius! I was almost expecting it to be about Snape and the memories, but it was so sad to find out what it really was about. I always really liked Marlene as she had this great energy about her, and even though I knew she had to die it was still sad. Siriusí reaction to her death was heart-breaking with him looking haunted.

I felt like I blabbered away in this review so sorry about that! *joins in with the confetti throwing* even though Iíve said it lots of times already, congrats again Rachel as that is an amazing feat to have written three novels and seen them to completion! Haha, the scene with Beth and Timothy was based on real life? Poor you, I was just reading this and feeling the awkwardness! Anyhow that was another amazing chapter and I canít wait for the next ♥


Author's Response: Kiana! ♥ Wow, it's been forever since you've left this -- I know I was on holiday, but still! It feels like a small eternity since I've posted an update for this story. But Sunday's almost here!

The good news is that, if I'm calculating things correctly, there are more than three literal months of posting left! Well... that may or may not be good news. I don't really know. It does all feel like it's ending really soon, and I'm not sure that I'm ready for it. :P And most of this story was pretty depressing on its own with all the deaths and things! I'm kind of having trouble moving onto writing something new, HPFF-wise. I don't like endings!

Writing the Ministry scenes was actually one of my favorite bits about BE, oddly enough. I don't know why I like writing about the Ministry so much, but I've got a vague idea for a murder mystery plot I'd like to do that would involve the Ministry a fair bit, and that's something I'm really keen on. Who knows why? :P I'm glad you liked it too! And I'm super happy to hear your comments about your getting a sense of their characterization; it's like I've said a million times before, but I really want to make everything seem as real as possible, even in a Harry Potter fan fic, and even with all the straying from canon I do.

And then Timothy shows up and makes everything so awkward, and I swear I get secondhand embarrassment just reading over that scene. That's probably the truest to his real-life inspiration he's ever come in this story, as far as I can recall. That scene itself was most definitely taking a page out of my personal book, too! *cringe* I'm 100% Team Sneth too, no worries.

I kind of think in this story that Sirius was attracted to Marlene in a casual way -- he never really wanted to date her (or anyone else), but he did think she was pretty. He was the one to point out that she'd gone blonde in the second chapter of ITB. And I think her death sort of shocked him into realizing that it wasn't just battling soldiers/older men like Dearborn and the Prewetts that were being affected by the war. A pretty Gryffindor his own age got it, too.

If you blabbered in your review, than I did twice as much in this response. ♥ I cannot ever thank you enough for always leaving such wonderful, long, lovely reviews on this story! It truly means so much to me to have someone like you reading and cheering me on. :) I can't wait to hear what you think of future chapters, Kiana!!

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