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Review:SpoonyLupin says:
*cracks up* I love how Binns's class about the war is just as boring as everything else he teaches. Not that I expected anything different, I guess, but still. You'd think he'd say something at least a little bit interesting! And it makes sense that McGonagall would want Jones to teach it too, considering that no one listens to Binns *giggles*

You know, it would be interesting to revisit the Dursleys after all this time has passed and see what they're getting up to. Aw, it's nice that Dudley sends Harry Christmas cards anyway. I kind of want to mention them in my stories now or something *ponders about this*

Yeah, I really don't think Derek is involved either, given that he's Muggleborn and all. Unless he's some kind of spy and lying about his parentage or something, but that seems rather convoluted and unlikely *laughs* "If all he had to do was look at Scorpius's face." Yeah, somehow I don't think it's going to be quite that easy! It's not like Scorpius would break down and confess it to them either (even if he did do it, which I don't think he did), so I think this is a bit of a losing battle *giggles* "It wasn't quite as easy as he'd expected." Yep, pretty much! *cracks up at Albus getting yelled out for staring across the room*

Oh, I still imagine the dementors being at Azkaban, but I guess it makes sense that they'd be removed since they supported the Death Eaters. OMG, that's subtle, Rose - just coming out and asking if Scorpius knew it all already *cracks up* *dies laughing at Scorius rubbing his hands in glee* Aw, poor Scorpius *comforts him*

Okay, that's really adorable - that Neville says Albus is just like his father, and that doesn't make Albus feel so bad, because he wants to be like Harry *squishes him tightly* I think it would also be adorable if Albus apologized to Scorpius and they forged some kind of friendship out of this *laughs*

Oh dear, another letter *looks at it suspiciously* I think they need to come up with some kind of code or something so they know if it's really Harry writing the letter *cracks up at my suspcions* Oh, it's rather innocuous. I would have assumed that anything Albus wrote to either parent would probably be shared with the other, so it's kind of like writing to both of them, but I can see why Harry wouldn't want to share this sort of thing with her. And yeah, it is kind of hard for Albus to write to Ginny when there's so much he feels like he shouldn't or couldn't say.

Aw, yeah, I guess that is a downfall to Slughorn's character - that he might be so disinterested in students who don't do as well as some of the others. Another reason I like him though, because he's flawed *huggles him*

Author's Response: *grins* I think Binns could make anything boring. I once had a lecturer like that. It didn't matter how interesting the subject matter was, he droned on so much and explained things so badly, he made it sound boring. He looked about as old as Binns too.

I was very tempted to give Dudley a wizarding son or daughter. Who knows, I might do it yet. I know J.K. Rowling said he hadn't, but I'm sort of only vaguely following the information from the interviews. If something really doesn't fit with what I want, I'm leaving it out or changing it. Like I think she also said McGonagall retires before Albus starts and I am NOT including Luna's husband and kids. I just can't imagine her married at all, so if she comes in, she'll probably still be single.

Yeah, Albus is just kind of doing what Rose tells him and letting her sort out the rest. *cracks up*

I liked this chapter actually. I'm not sure why.

We're going to see more of Scorpius as the story moves on. He and Albus might not quite form a friendship, but they do get friendlier. *grins about my plans for Scorpius*

*laughs at SL being suspicious of all letters*

And the issue of them sharing letters and stuff kinda comes up when Albus goes home for Christmas and mentions something and Ginny is like "how come you didn't tell us?" And Harry covers, saying "oh, he wrote to me about it, but I was very busy at work that week and must have forgotten to tell you."

It's kind of a difficult one to share with her as it'd bring back pretty unpleasant memories.

And yeah, Slughorn's an interesting character, because he's basically a nice guy and yet he can be pretty selfish and self-centred a lot of the time and tends to use people. I do like how complex a lot of Harry Potter characters are.

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