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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi darling! I'm getting so into this story and I want to be able to read it all at once, but instead I'm having to take the chance to catch up when I can. I'm determined to catch up before you finish this story, though (unless that's going to be in the next two weeks, in which case, I might not be successful...)

Aw, this was such a cute chapter! Little Tor at the beginning, bless her, getting all excited about the mysterious Muggle-born, dressing up and putting extra effort into her appearance for him. It's really adorable, especially when you contrast it to how eager she was to dissuade Goyle in the last chapter!

I love your characterisation so much. You're managing to maintain the perfect balance between Tor as a protagonist who's the daughter of a Death Eater, and Tor as a normal teenage girl who's interested with everything a normal teenager would be, and those concerns are generally her primary ones. Also, before I rant about how horrible Griz is (that one's coming later, just to warn you!), I wanted to say how perfect it is that she owns something like a shrunken head and that she's given it a name. It just fits so well with what we know about her character so far.

The boys' eagerness to help Tor prepare for the try-outs is quite endearing, but it made me laugh as well. It's so in character with the majority of teenage boys to think they know everything and want to show off or 'help' girls, without realising that these girls don't always need their help. And Tor's obviously pretty talented at Quidditch, so she probably fits in that category.

We found out who the Muggle-born is! So it's Terry Boot? I had a suspicion it was going to be one of the Ravenclaw boys, because I'd discounted Gryffindor and Slytherin (obviously) but he didn't strike me as the sort of boy that I imagine Justin Finch-Fletchley to be. Not posh enough, for one thing, and he didn't seem like much of a Hufflepuff.

I like the fact that the two of them haven't actually exchanged names yet, although Tor's overheard his. I can imagine she'll be doing some research on that from now on, to find out more about him and work out who he is. One of the things I'm intrigued about is at what point she'll find out his blood status, because I think that will be something that puts her off, or whether it'll be a stumbling block because she finds out much later on. Either way, I don't think her reaction will be a positive one, since we've already seen how important blood status is to their families when it comes to picking a partner.

And so we come to the Quidditch try-outs. Of course, because of canon Tor could never be the new Seeker, but that doesn't stop me being angry about it. Griz is just so horrible! I'm not entirely sure what she's got against Tor personally that made her aim solely for her, but I don't like her at all. Hopefully she'll get what's coming to her soon!

This plot is developing really well, and each chapter leaves me wanting to read on and discover how everything continues. I can't really understand why you haven't got more reviews on these later chapters!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi! Oh my goodness, these amazing reviews were so lovely to wake up to this morning! Thank you so much! :D

I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and don't worry, the chances of this story being finished in the next two weeks or next six months are slim to none.

I think Tor is so cute too, and I want to make sure she comes across as a silly little girl sometimes, since she really is just a normal teenager. I'm so excited that you like her characterization and that she comes across as well balanced and with multiple layers, since that's just how I imagine her! :) I've been trying to write Tor and her friends, like the boys being boys, as realisitically as possible considering their extreme circumstances.

Yes, it's Terry! :) I picked him since we know next to nothing about him, and he appealed to me for some reason. I really like writing them, and their interactions together! :)

You're right, the blood status will definitely be an issue! For now though, she's in the blissful ignorance of having a crush. :P

Griz is just awful, isn't she? I actually see Goyle as having more redemptive qualities than his sister, and she and Tor definitely have an unspoken hatred for each other.

I'm really excited that you're enjoying the story, and especially the later chapters which I actually prefer to the earlier ones! :) Thank you so, so much for these reviews, and I shall respond to the other ones right away! :D

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