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Review:teh tarik says:

Ahem, I saw your status update and decided to be creepy and sneak about your author's page :P Also, I think it's time I read more of your work! Always proud to support writing by Puffs :D

OMGG it's Fred's death :((( And grieving Weasleys :((( That being said, I actually love post-Hogwarts fics and chapters about miserable Weasleys, because well, they're fun to read - never mind what this says about me...

But what makes this story stands out from other post-Fred Weasley fic is that it focuses on Charlie's POV and experiences. Charlie is a rather underrated character in fanfic and the most neglected of the Weasleys, and I'm so glad that you've chosen to write about him. Fred is, of course, his little brother, and I can only imagine how awful he must be feeling at being unable to save Fred's life.

There's a lovely moment with Bill and Charlie - again, this is something which is barely explored in fanfic: the relationship between the two oldest Weasley siblings. When I think of Bill and Charlie together, I'm reminded of that scene in Goblet of Fire the day before everyone leaves for the Quidditch World Cup, where Bill and Charlie sort of Charm two tables and make them fight against each other in the air with everybody cheering them on. This chapter here made me think of that happier moment, and what a contrast it is. It really is heartbreaking to see those two without their carefree happiness, and instead being reduced to two broken grieving men. Especially Charlie, whose always exuded toughness, recklessness and sportiness. This is a lovely (and really heartbreaking) side of him you're showing, Jayde, and it's absolutely wonderful. Sorry, being a bit rambly here.

And of course, it makes sense that he would blame himself :( I'm betting almost all the Weasleys are each blaming themselves over Fred's death because they're a bunch of idiots. A wonderful bunch of idiots who'd do anything for each other, really. :)

Gaah, anyway, lovely story, Jayde! Am adding this to my faves (that means I will be back).

♥ teh


Author's Response: TEH! ♥

First of all, I am SO sorry for the ridiculous amount of time it has taken me to respond to this amazing, lovely review!

Secondly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This really was a lovely, present surprise! *Squishes*

Haha, I don't think that liking to read about Fred's death and grieving Weasleys says anything about you... it's something we all go through and everyone needs to read a good sad fic every once in a while!

I agree that Charlie is very underrated... there aren't many fics that focus on him at all, and I'm hoping to change that! I'm thrilled that you think this stands out!! :D And yes, Charlie really does feel terrible about not being able to save Fred... you'll come to see just how much so in future chapters. *winks*

Haha! So many people have loved the moment with Bill and Charlie, and honestly, I had NO IDEA that would be so popular when I wrote it! I'm SO GLAD that I did, though! I completely agree, Bill and Charlie's relationship isn't really explored much in the series OR fanfic, and I'll be changing that, too. :) That moment in the series that you mentioned is EXACTLY the moment that comes to my mind when I think of Bill and Charlie's relationship, and that happier time certainly is a huge contrast with this chapter. I'm glad you think this side of him is lovely (and heartbreaking)... as evil as that makes me sound. I really felt that someone who exuded so much toughness really wouldn't be that way on the inside. It could be that Charlie's sensitivity has been heightened by Fred's death, but I think deep down he's always been a bit of a softie. Awww, I don't think you're rambling at all! I really love the comments!

You know, that's something I hadn't really thought of... the other Weasleys blaming themselves. I mean, I'm sure Percy is because he's spent so long away from his family, but now that you mention it, I'm sure the other Weasleys have found some ridiculous reason why his death is their fault... thank you for pointing that out! It's certainly given me a new perspective on things!

I... was just about to go into a long description of how and why I chose Charlie for the main character in this (it really related to your comments)... but I realized that I can't do so without giving the plot away, so I will reserve my comments for future chapters! :P

Awww! Yay! ♥ Thank you SO MUCH for adding this to your favorites! And the thought that you'll be back makes me want to squee!!

And YAY for this being your 200th review!!! :D I feel privileged!!

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