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Review:patronus_charm says:
Wow I really loved this chapter, and I think itís one of my favourites of the story!

I see why you were asking about N.E.W.T.s now, and I rather liked seeing how conscientious Draco was when it came to his school work. He had that silent pride about himself and that he didnít want to admit to the others that he was good at Potions, and you could tell when McGonagall complimented him about it he felt really proud for himself. Youíve really shown how the war has changed as heís lost that arrogant swagger he had in the earlier books, and it shone through here.

I like him reminiscing about his father too. I think youíve really shown the complexities of their relationship really well and it was a pleasure to read. I could understand why Lucius would feel patronised as he used to be the head of the family and was the one in the know, but that role has been given to Draco know. I really wonder how that conversation with the others in the last chapter is going to affect the Malfoy future.

The conversation Draco had with McGonagall was great. When Draco first came back to Hogwarts I never thought she would say a nice thing about him, but sheís the type of person who honour the people who have done well so I my heart really swelled with pride when she was congratulating him. You really caught her understanding and how she does want to help him by coming up with that deal regarding Muggle Studies and Herbology.

The job sounds great for Draco. Itís interesting that he wants to help the victims of the war, because that suggests that he may become closer to opening up to Astoria and others about what he went through during it, and Iím really eager to hear about his perspective of it. I like the sound of Madam Blishwick she sounds like sheís going to be a really interesting character and I canít wait for the moment when we get to see her.

I really loved the scene in the Trophy Room with Draco and Astoria it was perfect. It was fluffy enough for me to feel satisfied, but then it wasnít overdone either that it felt sickening. I think it was right that it was from Astoriaís perspective as it added a really sweet touch to it and showed her innocence to things like this due to her being a pureblood princess. The flashback to the cafť in Derbyshire was a perfect too. It showed how intimate they were in a physical way as they were kissing in public, yet Draco still closed off his emotional side.

Isadoreís really beginning to grow on me. I think it was her eagerness about wanting to know what happened between Astoria and Draco is what really drew me into her. She just has this lively nature which is a real pleasure to read. I liked the conversation between the two as well as it was nice to have a lighter conversation and a girly one on top of that.

That was another amazing chapter and Iím eagerly awaiting the next :D


Author's Response: Hi, there! And thank you for taking time out of your busy exam schedule to leave such a nice review!

I'm glad you like the changes I've been bringing into Draco's character. I hope I've been able to create a good combination of carrots and sticks to make them all seem believable enough. His father is a key piece of the puzzle. All of the shine is off the apple, so to speak, where Lucius is concerned. Draco finally sees him for what he truly is and he doesn't want to ever turn out the same way.

Whew! I was worried about the conversation with Minerva. She's really intimidating to write. I'm still not completely certain that she ever would have been able to spare a kind word for Draco, but sometimes the plot takes characters into places where you have to feel a bit uncomfortable.

When I started writing this chapter, Draco's interest in this job was all for show. But the more I thought about it while I was editing, the more I realized that he might actually have a legit interest. He's trying to distance himself from his father and make his own way in the world. Whether or not he needs the money, this job could be a way of doing that. I'm rather torn at the moment as to whether you'll actually see Madam Blishwick. My plot outline jumps directly to Daphne's wedding at this point, but I'm sorely tempted to write a short little chapter showing Draco's job interview... and Isadore's explanation of the whole little wizard/big wizard situation. ;) Ah, so deliciously naughty!

I deliberately pulled the reins back on the scene in the Trophy Room and Astoria's memories of the Room of Requirement. I wanted to get across the point that this is all new to Astoria, but she finds it exhilarating. I didn't really see a need to get into an anatomy lesson at this point. Draco and Astoria do some of the things that love-stricken teenagers do when they're all alone. I'll let the reader decide in his or her own mind exactly what those things are.

Even see one of those situations on TV or in a movie where the character has a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other? Isadore is sort of like Astoria's little devil, although she definitely has Astoria's best interests at heart. Her idea of "Astoria's best interests" might just be a little different from other people's. ;)

I'm really glad you enjoyed this chapter. It was a blast to write, once I got going with it. Thanks so much!

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