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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:
Hi Dan! I'm back once more to enjoy some COB :). By the way - you last review response was soo mean! I was so proud of myself for seeing the anagram and then you only tell me I might be right haha! Oh well - I will just have to wait and find out :P

I really enjoy reading your grown up Ron so the first bit was great fun. I particularly liked the line 'He silently wondered whether any of the muggles who seemed so irritated by his ambling pace would fare any better in the labyrinthine corridors of the Ministry of Magic.' - I'm almost positively sure we wouldn't! Vanessa was a bit of a snooty cow so I was quite glad he confunded her! Served her right!

I also totally agree with Ron - I'm thinking this definitely wasn't a coincidence! More files missing - whoever Lady Tenabra is, she's certainly been thorough!

Oh poor Hermione! All that time fighting for Elf rights and then has to sit letting Hermys fawn over her. Terry and Ernie obviously did't help matters but it would have been hilarious to hear the SPEW jokes!

I loved Hermione's idea to get the name of the book!! It was very Hermione! Again you've impressed me with how well you have every single detail of these characters so perfectly. So is this the book Lady Tenabra has then? And if it is then Lady T has been reading up on an imperius type curse? Or maybe just the imperius curse? But that could explain Percy's erratic behaviour. Ooh this has got me quite excited - unless I'm wrong!

I was so happy to see more Scorp - he was so much fun the last time we saw him and he didn't disappoint here. I had to smile at him pretending to listen to Rose and making sure he tuned back in at the right moment. The line 'It didn't even include profanity.' really made me laugh. I'd love read a whole story on your Rose and Scorp! It was really sweet how he did reassure her in the end that Octavia would be okay with them around. It was also nice to see how much he really thinks of Harry and co, putting his faith in them over his dad.

Ok Gamp clearly has a screw loose. He was so sinister with the cruciatus curse! Goyle's obviously damaged as well but not in the way Gamp is - he seems to hate it while Gamp was revelling in it!

Ooh visiting Jarvis gave us some more clues in the story. So the third witness has to be Lady T, although, we knew she organised that death anyway. I think Stoops has to be imperiused - especially with the book they found earlier. It all seems to fit. Although I don't know whether to trust that or whether you're leading us on a bit! It's so exciting though! Another unanswered question though - what was Octavia doing with Ginny's wand?

Gah -Dan this is so good! I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying reading it and trying to make sense of everything thats happening!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Wow! You are making some serious progress.

I don't try to be mean, but I don't want to spoil any surprises for you, either. You're definitely paying close attention!

Poor Ron just doesn't have much luck with the majority of the muggle world, and especially computers. But there are one or two exceptions, as you'll see a few chapters from now. I'm with you, by the way. I don't believe in coincidences. ;)

Who knows, maybe having Hermys fawn over her will be good motivation for Hermione to get over her "thing" with the wheelchair. I'm sure it was torment for her. I remember actually trying to think of some good S.P.E.W. jokes and coming up dry. So I did want I remember my college professors doing and declared, "S.P.E.W. jokes are left as an exercise for the reader."

It is hard to explain how proud of myself I felt when I came up with the disappearing ink idea for discovering the title of the missing book. Originally, I had Hermione figuring out a way to break the spell, which felt very "deus ex machina" and lame. It came to me as I was editing the chapter, which I suppose is when I get a lot of my better ideas. I don't think I'm giving too much away by telling you that this is the book that Lady T has been carrying around, but you'll have to wait to see about Percy. ;)

The same way I regret not being able to find more chances to write Luna into the story, I hate the fact that Scorpius and Rose appear so rarely together. Could I write my own Scorpius/Rose story? I guess I could try, but it would have to be well after their Hogwarts years, when they're already married. The story of the two of them falling in love has been written **so many** times already.

Gamp is dangerously insane, but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. He is the epitome of the old truism, "people don't come out of prison better than they went in." Poor Goyle is way out of his depth. He's the quintessential follower.

I think you got everything important out of Ron and Harry's conversation with the good constable. Why, indeed, did Octavia have Ginny's wand? It turns out the fact that she did is rather important...

Oh, I'm enjoying this so much! You're now getting into what I think of as the "good" part of the story, plot-wise. So much happens over the next few chapters. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and I hope you enjoy what's to come!

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