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Review:Siriusly89 says:

And so much Lisa-angst!

I understand why sheís so upset now. Sheís one of those compulsive planners, isnít she? Iím one too, and I know that if something deviated from my plan, Iíd have a mini-meltdown, so in my opinion, Lisaís taking it rather well. Rather well indeed.

And the only thing Edieís worried about is the hen night. I LOVE EDIE SO MUCH! The fact that Lisa wonít be drinking worries me. It will probably compel Edie to drink for the two of them, and really, her waking up in a wheelie bin mightnít be the best end to Lisaís hen. Knowing her luck it would end up being Roseís bin, or worse, Oliverís!

Yes! Finally Lisaís standing up to Edie. Now, me being my biased self would love to see that article published, and Oliverís career left in tatters. But my inner Lisa has just made me realise that it might be a little wrong. Gah! Go away inner Lisa! I will NOT pity Oliver-stinking-Wood who ran off with Rose first chance he got! Nope, not happening.

Lisa knows something, she does, about Oliverís shoulder. Donít tell me they used to go out or something! But then, Edie would know about that so forget that theory. Gah! This mystery is annoying me. . . . .

Hee, I know exactly what Edie would have used to lengthen that article, but I agree with inner Lisa, it would do more harm than good if she did it.

Oh how dare she! She had Edie write that big long article, and get her Ďventí on for use of a better word, to just waltz in and say ĎSorry, weíre using my articleí all because she doesnít want to look bad in front of Oliver? Grr. . .

Okay, about these articles: Rose asked Edie to write them, so she can put her name on them, and then Oliver thinks Edieís writing it, and thatís why Rose doesnít want her name on them, because Oliver will know it wasnít Rose, but actually Edie! That makes more sense now Iíve written it down!

I agree, what is this? Fourth year? God sake Oliver, youíre an adult! Man up!

Burning the note was a very nice touch, but I do wonder what it said.

Evidently, so does Edie. Groping around in the bin for something Oliver- stinking-Wood wrote her, this is bad. Come on Edie, youíre a feminist, you donít need him!

AAAH1 Seamus and Dean time! And who better to break into an office with? I canít wait for this, I really canít! Itíll be like the clumsiest heist ever done in the history of breaking and entering!

Update soon! ♥

Author's Response: Hello!!!

Yay! I am *so* glad that somebody understands why Lisa's upset! I was trying to comment on the whole track that many women are expected to follow: get married, have kids, put kids first, forget your job, forget your social life, devote rest of life to the "nest." I reckon I can't get too deep into that here. But that's why Lisa was upset. She's motivated, and has goals, and recognizes that a baby is going to make a lot of those things near-impossible (at least until they turn 17!)

Bahahahaha. Edie waking up in a wheelie bin. Man, you have some good idea--OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU A SHOUTOUT FOR THE CHEESE SANDWICH. In one of your previous reviews, you mentioned Seamus doing that, and it totally made sense to me. So I included it in this chapter and I MEANT TO GIVE YOU A SHOUTOUT AND I FORGOT AHHH!!! I will add it when I update with a CI. ♥ Thank you for the inspiration, you know him well!

Yes, "inner-Lisa" definitely becomes Edie's conscience for the rest of the story. I'm glad she made even you, avid Oliver-hater, see that the article is too spiteful.

The whole article-authorship is confusing, isn't it? I spend so much time going over it, and then going over it AGAIN, that I forget it's easy for readers to lose track. (What, you guys aren't sitting there, writing down notes for my story and planning everything out? What's wrong with you!) (So much sarcasm) (Seriously you guys are amazing) I think the next chapter or so will include Edie literally diagramming out what's happening, to explain it to Lisa (but mostly to you poor, abused readers.)

THE HEIST SCENE IS SO FUN TO WRITE. Even though it's taking me a zillion writes and re-writes to do it, it's a great time. Can't wait for everyone to read it!

Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews! It's readers like you who really inspire me to keep me going, as horribly cheesy as that sounds ♥

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