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Review:patronus_charm says:
Yeah I kind of gave up on the idea of not coming back until tomorrowÖ The only consolation for me nearly catching up on This Longing is that I have the Lily one-shots to read after, then all those other WIPs to get stuck into. Itís rather exciting rather than sad that Iíll run out of posted chapters!

Iím having more of those semi-guilty thoughts where Iím hoping that Grimm becomes a soldier. I scanned your MTA page when I was posting in there earlier and saw that you liked historical books, so if you did decide to send him to war I would love it, because it would, no doubt, be historically accurate which is something which is often missing from many stories and it saddens me.

Grimm doesnít often think of Minervaís physical appearance all that much, so when he did it in this chapter it was really tender. What emphasised the specialness of the situation even more so was when he began to realise that he, perhaps, loves Minerva. I had a little inkling for a while now, and he always gave off hints, but I think this time was possible one of the most sincere ones.

Was this line possibly hinting about the basilisk, or was it me just being clueless? ĎThere was some real worry of a something wandering through Hogwarts,í either way I really loved it, and if anyone was going to deduce what was going on at Hogwarts other than Dumbledore, it could only be Minerva and Grimm.

Haha I just realised that Iíve always referred to Grimm as Grimm and never Tiberius. Iím not really sure why Iíve done that, probably due to reading The Fires Within before this and thatís what he was mainly referred to. It would be too weird to change now, so I guess Grimmís staying. On another minor and probably more relevant note than the one I just made, I really liked the brief cameo from Eileen. I always wondered what she would have been like at Hogwarts so I really liked this brief snippet.

You touched upon a key theme of the story with this line ĎThis was no world for youth, for innocenceí I canít believe I didnít even pick up on it at all. I suppose itís because Iíve taken this journey with Grimm and Minerva and that Iíve seen them mature at the same rate as they did. Itís only when you look back in retrospect that you realise how much theyíve changed from when they were having light hearted banter outside of Dumbledoreís office.

Iíve been waiting to see when Hagrid would feature again after the Myrtle incident and it definitely lived up to my expectations. Each characters reaction perfectly reflected how theyíve been portrayed throughout the story, which is great, because Iíve often see them go to pieces when they reach the iconic scene.

Hagridís characterisation really shone through in this chapter. You perfectly caught the feelings of guilt he had for what Aragog possibly may have done, then his love for him still remained despite the persecution. It really showed Hagridís loyalty for anything he loves, and even though Iím not partial to spiders, I was really touched by it.

Ooh you did spoil in this chapter with the scene between Grimm and Riddle at the end of this. It was so measured and balanced and didnít veer into OTT at all. I felt impressed that both of them managed to keep their composure and not draw wands at one another, but that reflects the intelligence and methodicalness (yeah I made it up, but no other word seemed appropriate enough :P) they both possess.

Ok this is actually going to be the last chapter review tonight as itís half eleven so I probably should go to bed! It was another excellent one and I feel with the last scene and what happened with Hagrid something big may be about to happen.


Author's Response: Wow, Kiana! This is quite a review! It's long, but it means that you found a lot in this chapter to interest you, and I definitely can't complain about that. :D Thank you for taking the time to provide such a detailed review - I've been working on figuring out the new chapter, so returning to the previous chapters should give me some good inspiration.

Don't you worry - Grimm will become a solider, and the epilogue will depict this new way of life for him. Minerva comes into her own in these next few chapters, but Grimm has to be forced into a very uncomfortable state before he can really reflect on himself and everything that happened. Thank you, by the way, for the compliment about my historical accuracy! It means so much to hear that - I love researching for stories and trying to bring the historical period to life as well as I can. It adds a lot of depth the story and it also makes the writing process more enjoyable (in other words, it's a good form of procrastination :P).

One of the nicest things about Grimm is that he doesn't pay that much attention to Minerva's appearance. He almost seems to find her beautiful, but it's more because he loves the personality inside. Although I use Michelle Dockery in the graphics, I imagine that Minerva is more angular with muscles in the wrong places and a rather boyish figure - she'd have been perfect for a flapper 15 years earlier. But then again, Minerva doesn't quite understand why she's attracted to Grimm, who is so average-looking and bookish. Because they've known one another since the awkward age of 13/14, they're only just realizing how much their bodies have matured, and that the here-and-there friendship they've had has very quickly grown into sexual attraction. It must be disconcerting for them - it certainly is for Minerva. Grimm's been slower to put it into words - his reaction to seeing Minerva dancing with Riddle was part of this, but he didn't know what his jealousy meant. Your use of "sincere" is perfect, but his sincerity is to a painful extent - he also realizes that there's another, negative side to that love.

Their relationship continues to fascinate me because they keep coming together and separating in an endless yo-yo. Is it that they love each other too much? Or that they can never love one another enough? They're almost too perfectly suited to each other and they can easily survive apart. I'll never be able to put it into words. :P

Haha, there are so many hints about the basilisk in here. It's horrible to write this knowing what really happened, but being entirely unable to let the characters know the truth. Even Dumbledore can't have any inkling of it! The monster loose in Hogwarts hypothesis that some of Hogwarts' inmates have has to lead Dippet to the wrong conclusion - Aragog. Really the only two people who know it wasn't Aragog are Hagrid and Minerva (well, she doesn't know for certain, but she supports Hagrid's claims of innocence).

Somehow this novel has become about growing up, that final step between childhood and adulthood. It works for the magical world to place it in seventh year because that's when the students reach legal maturity, but for Grimm and Minerva, it's also when they're forced to become adults, probably before they were ready to. By the end of this novel, there's no place in their world for naivety - everything is disillusioning. The trick to try and not make the story incredibly depressing, showing how even with so many bad things going on, the characters are still moving forward. To what, they don't know.

I'm glad to hear that Hagrid's characterization has turned out well! He's a challenging character to write, since it's easy to fall into stereotype with him - part of the challenge is also guessing at what he'd be like as a teenager. It's fantastic that you like him here!

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! Your reviews are wonderful to respond to. ^_^

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