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Review:Sarah aka Shawlawnda aka Captain Waffle Fries aka TP says:
"Saved it for you," he called across, though there were still several other chairs to be had.

♥ Look at Sirius going out of his way to be a good, helpful little dog. He probably thinks his politeness is more subtle than it is.

From near Beth's feet, Sirius twisted to look up at Lily, frowning a bit. "Doesn't he already have his teeth?"
"He's only got four, Sirius," James explained patiently. "He's in the market for a few more."

loool. ♥ It must seem bizarre to Sirius that his best friend, a guy his own age, is already a dad. James is a totally different level of adult than Sirius is. Sirius has come a long way and is determined to keep their friendship the same as it always has been as much as possible, and he truly loves Lily and Harry, but he's got to feel a wee bit left behind every now and then. Or maybe not. Sirius is so codependent on James that it's likely he has no choice but to bury any conflicting feelings he has for the sake of his own happiness. And then again, he also has Beth. -ramblerambleramble-

I know you've said before that if you could do anything differently, you would have made Beth a little closer to Peter and Remus. But looking back, I'm glad you wrote it this way. There is a small rift that has been widening and widening, and it makes what is to come make a lot of sense. It's difficult to add a fifth marauder and make it realistic. If they were all buddy-buddies, they would have had a harder time suspecting each other of being the spy. Remus and Sirius both suspected each other; there's got to be something in their relationships that they can point to after it's all over and say, "Well, now that all makes sense." And in hindsight, it is 100% understandable if Beth suspected Sirius of being the spy because she knows he's capable of lying; it's understandable that Sirius would suspect Remus at first because he's not as close to the others; I can see how Remus could grow to distrust Sirius and Beth both. And meanwhile, Peter sits quietly on the sidelines while everyone underestimates him.

And this is part of the reason why it's so much fun to dissect your characters and what they do, why they do it, etc. They have so much depth, and you're skilled at sowing little seeds of doubt between them, over a long period of time. They grow a little more distant or a little more suspicious, and it's so incredibly natural because you give us reasons why, and it's like watching the puzzle pieces of the perfect storm fall into place. To think that all of this could have been prevented if the group worked to include Peter just a little bit more. But they didn't, or they thought they did and just didn't give it much thought, and here we are.

You are probably sick of me putting on my wow-these-characters-are-fascinating goggles.


"That's clearly his 'I-want-my-godfather' cry. Hand him over."
"You didn't even know he needed more than four teeth," Beth shot back

I like the realistic detail of Lily rummaging around in James's pockets for the teething ring with her own pockets turned inside-out. I love touches like that.

D: That was abrupt. The Prewetts are dead. D: That's how it always is, though. People die all of a sudden without any warning.

HAAA EDMUND MCKINNON. That's the first name I gave him, too! I know this is a coincidence but I will feel triumphant anyway and say that my headcanon has invaded your subconscious. -VICTORYYY-

D::: NOOO. No action against the Potters yet! I'm not ready! I'm not ready! What month is this. Ermegherd. Everyone's dying. Everyone's going to die. The McKinnons are next. Remus and Peter are nowhere to be found. Harry only has four teeth. Severus thinks he's in love with Lily and can't help feeling resentful that he wasn't given this inside information. Double-agent or not, it really gets on his nerves when he's not in the full confidence of each. And he never seems to be. Dumbledore never confides him him completely and it seems Voldemort doesn't either. That's got to be annoying.


Author's Response: Can I say it again? I'll say it again. ALL SIRIUS, ALL FOR YOU. ♥ There is a very special something lurking in the last chapter of this book that will interest you greatly, and even though you may already have a suspicion of what it is (heck, I may have flat-out told you about it), I will never spoil it for you. NEVER. It is a miniature sort of thank-you present, if you will. ♥

I actually think it was your one-shot that altered my view on Beth's friendships with Peter and Remus, and it worked extremely well for a few of the major plot points towards the end of this book. I would have loved for her to have been better friends with the pair of them, but now I look back on it and that's life, isn't it? You're always closer to one or two people than to others, even in a group of mutual friends. Drawing on more life inspiration there, I suppose. ♥ And there is yet another one of the numerous ways that you have laid your hand on this story and said, "STORY, BE THIS WAY." And so it has.

Never, ever going to be sick of your character-analysis goggles. ♥ Also, I KIND OF FEEL LIKE MAYBE I STOLE EDMUND MCKINNON FROM YOU, BUT MAYBE I DIDN'T AND NOW I AM SUSPICIOUS OF MY PAST SELF. We are on the same wavelength of life, for real. Let's just pretend that I was yet again inspired by your brilliance.

~dangles fishing line with plotty bits in front of your nose~ ♥ SO MUCH MORE FOR YOU TO READ. I AM EXCITE. You are the cat's pyjamas. Spelled in the British fashion, because maybe that way a British man will take notice and make me his betrothed.

There is caffeine in my veins.

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