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Review:Lululuna says:
Hi, here for your requested review! :)

I really like this chapter as a beginning! I think you set up Molly as a main character very well: she clearly has an outspoken, cynical and slightly moody personality, and I like her already! The descriptions of Molly's dress and Victoire's awful fashion sense made me laugh.

I was a little confused about why she was so angry about Victoire and Teddy's wedding, and now I'm guessing she might have a soft spot for Teddy. Either that, or she's really opposed to getting married young, or maybe she's jealous of the relationship Vic and Teddy have when Molly's own relationship with Noah seems pretty complicated. Hmm...

Noah seems like a sweetheart, and I think he deserves to be treated a little nicer by Molly!

The world of the Weasleys you've set up seems very complete and well-detailed. I like James! :) Though he does seem a little obnoxious, and his intoxicated accent was a little... strange. :P From the few sentences describing Victoire, I felt like I got a good feeling of her personality. She seems like she believes the best in people, like when she thinks Molly is crying for her out of happiness.

The one thing I was confused about was how old Molly was: at first because she was Vic's bridesmaid I assumed she was around Vic's age, but then later we find out she's in sixth year at Hogwarts. Maybe you could say something about why the two of them are so close despite having four years between them, or consider mentioning that Molly's still at Hogwarts a little earlier. :)

In your request you asked about the issue at hand vs. real life. From your summary it seems like the story has something to do with new dark forces rising? I loved this first chapter, but it seemed to be setting the stage for a more romance-oriented story. You might consider hinting or foreshadowing this future action, whether through the use of an ominous narrative voice, or maybe some of the party guests talking about rumours of a new dark force they've heard. Of course I haven't read the rest of the story yet, so I'm not sure exactly how to fit it in, but that could be something to consider! :)

Anyway, great job with this!! Please do feel free to re-request!! :)

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks for stopping by so quickly! :) I'm glad you like the beginning chapter! :) I do like Molly. A lot, and I'm beginning to realize she hasn't had much screen (haha, get it? computer screen? ;)) time as I'd like her to here recently. Though, I'm glad the fashion sense made you laugh! Humor isn't my best haha. :)

This comes up a lot, and if I hadn't written this chapter over three years ago, I might find the energy to really change it a bit to add something we see later in the story to this part. However, I think I'll just let you know now. And this goes for all else who like to read Author Responses :). Molly is cynical toward this wedding and Noah's saying he loves her because we get to see a flashback sometime in the future with Molly, Audrey, and Percy. It's not critical or anything, just something we see as to why Molly is the way she is. It's the set up of how she feels in relationships, and seeing as how I want this fic to get a little darker as it goes, it helps us feel for the characters right?

Noah is a sweetheart! Dear Godric I loves him! :3 He deserves a very nice girl indeed!

I'm glad you like my little Weasley family and James. He isn't all that obnoxious really as the story pans out. I think I planned for him to be a prankster, but I tired of reading other stories where he's like that, so I changed him a bit. He just likes a good party every once in a while ;). His accent is sort of based off a movie I saw where when the girl got drunk, she went very cockney (I think that's how you spell it). It was to add to just a bit of the slurring humor. :) I'd like to say Victoire is a sweetheart (she really is), however there really isn't much more of her or Ted in the future. Maybe later. Much later in the story, but I don't really have much planned for them as of now. But yes, family does come first!

Hmm, a lot of people have questions about the bridesmaid thing. Am I the only one who is considerably younger than my aunt who has been a bridesmaid? Lol. Well, maybe I will have something in a Molly POV where we see something with her and Fleur so it can be seen why she would ever be a bridesmaid. I guess it could look a bit random since it doesn't seem like Molly is for this wedding at all.

I actually split chapter one and chapter two from all those three years ago. :) Chapter two goes into the real plot of the story where we see that something is going down. I just wanted to show the oblivion of people as they are having a good/not-so-good time. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing and reading! It makes me so happy! :) I'll definitely re-request! Thanks a heep!

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