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Review:patronus_charm says:
Aw I think Iím as happy as Beth is about how everything seems to be temporarily ok. She was all happy, then Sirius saved her the seat and there was another Order meeting. It looks as everythingís on the up in her life for once, and itís so lovely to see. I really liked that remark about Sirius being so kind; of course Remus being the observant person that he is would pick up on that.

Aw and we get to see Harry again, it feels as if we havenít seen him in ages. Itís weird to think that he probably did attend all of these Order meeting, yet he knew nothing about because the majority of the people who also went to them died too. I really like how close Lily and James and Alice and Frank itís really lovely to see, and itís cool that their sons ended up becoming friends without even realising how close their parents were.

I loved this line ĎďThatís clearly his ĎI-want-my-godfatherí cry. Hand him over.ĒĎ itís so Sirius! Itís funny to see how different James and Siriusí lives have become. Sirius is almost living it as if he was still at Hogwarts at times, and Beth too I suppose. Then thereís James with his baby and wife. Youíve showed the difference really well, as youíve made sure that though they are still friends there is a big difference in the maturity level of the two.

Mad-Eye was perfectly in character. Even though he appears to be bitter and moody most of the time, you showed that he did care for the twins deep down and you could see it in his reaction to what Sirius said. Itís really sad that theyíve died as I always held a soft spot for those two. Their death only reminds of the more to come. Iím glad that Beth was still supportive of Sirius despite what his said, I guess it wasnít his fault and no one could have known what happened to them.

I was just thinking about the McKinnonís death the other day, and no itís being planned. Iím glad that we got to see more of the Death Eater side of things as I really enjoy reading it. I never liked Roark that much, so Iím glad to see that Snapeís got a superior position to him now, and I donít even have to feel bad about it as I know Snapeís on the good side too.

This story is just getting darker and darker. With one family about to be killed, and now the decision between the Longbottoms or the Potters is about to be made. Iím kind of glad that Snapeís realising what heís done and thatís heís going to lose Lily, but then it also shows that he still hasnít got his memories of Beth, and if he had, he would probably be more worried about hurting her because of the prophecy and the consequences of what he did.

Ah massive cliff-hanger in your authorís note! For all this time I was thinking itís going to go the canon way isnít it, and Snapeís never going to get his memories back because otherwise my favourite chapter, The Princeís Tale, may never even happen. Ah itís too exciting! Another excellent chapter Rachel :D


Author's Response: I think one of my favorite things about this chapter is the beginning, because it was the first time in a while for this story that I got to write the sort of warm Marauders camaraderie that I've really enjoyed working on in these books. ♥ It's hard not to feel like everything's going to be okay at those moments. And baby Harry! I'm really going to miss writing his bouncy drooling self. I'll have to come up with more excuses to write wee Harry in the future.

I'm really pleased that you thought Mad-Eye was in character, too! He was another of J.K.'s gems that I enjoyed fleshing out in this story. Exploring this era and its characters in general was such a nice writing challenge and I apologize heavily for this response, because it's coming at a time when it's starting to hit that I'm finished writing all the books. :D I'm getting a bit soppy and nostalgic over here. This is the point of the books where deaths are nearly a dime a dozen, and it's so, so sad. It never occurred to me just how hard-hit the Order was until setting out to write this, but nearly half of them (maybe even more than half) died in the first half of the war alone.

I think ITR might be the darkest of the three books, but you're absolutely right in that BE has more than its fair share. You've hit the nail on the head about Sev's memories! A very large part of why he had them removed in the first place was because he thought it would protect her -- he wouldn't be so focused on her that it would distract him from other things. Clearly it just distracted BETH, but unforeseen consequences, am I right?

I don't think anyone's correctly predicted the way this story ends. ;) And I'm afraid that's all I'll say on the matter for the time being! I can't wait for you to find out, Kiana -- thank you for being such a fantastic reviewer, as you always are!! ♥

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