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Review:Lululuna says:
Hi! So this is another great chapter. I love how it just hit Harry that Ginny would be going to school without him. I imagine it'd be hard for him, after going for so long without being together and now getting separated. At least, they're wizards with awesome and speedy means of transportation, which must make long distance a lot easier! :P

I love the little details you've put into this, like Ginny's excitement at being made captain. It seems like such a small thing after fighting this war, but it's the little joys that really help people heal and move on. I love Harry's sassiness when talking to McGonagall, like his little quip about visiting students at the end. It was just so in character for Harry, and exactly the type of comment he'd make!

I liked Ginny's line about the book for charming witches! That part was so funny in the HP books, and it fit really well with Ginny's character. She definitely isn't the sappy romantic type, which is what I think Harry loves about her, among other things. Ron's annoyance over Ginny is always hilarious as well! I don't know how you do it, you just know these characters inside and out and write them so well and in character. You also emulate the tone of the books just right, I think JKR would be proud. :)

The paragraph describing Platform 9 and 3/4 was just lovely! "The smell of magic..." It's just so perfect, and reminded me of how wonderful Hogwarts and the magical world still is, even after all the destruction caused by Voldy. The only thing I would change is the use of "you" to address the reader because I thought it disrupted the flow a bit, but that's up to you! :)

Overall, this was just such a wonderful, JKR-esque send-off to Hogwarts that was very well-written and engaging to read. I do have two little things to think about: one, I'm not sure if McGonagall or wizards in general would really think to say "dental clinic" so comfortably, I feel like they would say "those strange places Muggles go to keep their teeth clean" or something along those lines. Although it is McGonagall and she does know everything. :P (And where DO wizards get their teeth cleaned, anyway?! Maybe they have magical toothbrushes with extra cleaning and anti-cavity abilities).

The other thing was just Fleur's accent: it's totally up to you but I always enjoyed associating her with her particular voice in the HP books! :D She could say "Eet is a magnifique dinner, but..." Or what not, it's fun to play around with! :)

Anyway, lovely job with this chapter as usual, and again I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing more!!! :D

Author's Response: Yay, another review from you! :D

Yes, I feel quite bad for Harry and Ginny for having to separate so soon, but you're right - long distance relationships for Muggles are a lot worse;)

It's so nice to hear that you appreciate those details! I figured, like McGonnagall, that Ginny would the perfect as captain ;) And yes, I love Harry's sarcastic side, and I'm so glad that you think it seemed like something he would say!

I remember laughing a lot when Ron gave that book to Harry, and his not-so-smooth way of using the advice on Hermione! So I thought I'd include it, and I agree that Ginny isn't sappy romantic. That's why I thought she should make a comment like that :) I should know the characters well given how many times I've read the books, but I can't tell you how happy that compliment has made me! JKR would be proud? Even though I'm not sure she would be, those comments made me SO happy! I feel quite silly right now, smiling to myself like an idiot ;) Thank you so, so much for saying something so nice!

That paragraph about 9 and 3/4 was basically and outlet for my love of this magical world, so I'm glad that you liked it! I re-read it and I definitely agree about that "you"-part, and I'll change it as soon as possible!

After your last review, I decided to change Fleur's speech everywhere in the story, so I've actually changed it in this one too, only it hasn't been validated yet. I agree that it adds to the story to write her speech the way JKR did. Thank you so much for pointing it out :)

As for the dental clinic thing, you might be right. But I figured (like you) that this IS McGonnagall, after all. And that they wrote about in the Prophet, and that they explained what a dental clinic it. Had it been Ron, he probably would have referred to it as a "strange place where they clean Muggles' teeth", but I think McGonnagall would know a bit more than him ;) Also, she was in love with a Muggle when she was younger, so she might have learned some things back then.

Thank you so much for this lovely review! Once again, you've been both very helpful and encouraging, and I'm still smiling because I'm so flattered and so happy for those compliments! You are just awesome! :D

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