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Review:HeyMrsPotter says:
Hello! Sorry it's taken me longer than expected to review this. Better late than never, eh?

Usually I review as I read but I just got to the end of this completely forgetting why I was reading in the first place, take that as a good sign haha!

Your characterisation was excellent, Molly was especially good, a typical mother even when the person she's talking to isn't one of her kids.
I've never read anything from Tonks' POV before and the fact that you did it in first person AND you're male is just astounding. I'm really impressed that you managed to write so well from a female perspective, not many men can say they're able to do that!

Your request asked if Tonks' inner voice sounded right: it sounded perfect! She was just the right amount of cheeky, playful, intelligent and also a typical female, worrying about Remus' feelings towards her, though she wouldn't say it aloud! Her 'auror qualities' are evident as well, particularly bravery. Her transformation to wolf was amazing, it really showed how much she NEEDED to do that for Remus and how much she loved him. I also really like that there were hints about her life outside of Remus, her parents and also her days at Hogwarts (I particularly loved the line about her seven DADA teachers)

The forest scene was beautiful, I could imagine every detail and it sort of reminded me of the scene in The Lion King when Nala and Simba were reunited. I loved how playful it was and that they both gave in to their instincts, Tonks forgetting how dangerous the situation could be.

I really liked the relationships that featured in this too, Tonks and Charlie was unexpected but I could definitely imagine them having a fling in their younger days. Remus and Sirius' friendship was also written really well, and Tonks was incorporated perfectly, I loved the line that said she had taken Sirius for a walk and the page three girl trick was hilarious! And of course, Tonks and Remus was great too, I always thought she would have tried very hard to convince him that they were right for each other and that he did deserve her, the humour that she adds in this was an excellent touch, like referring to their child getting a detention before they even got to Hogwarts.

This was yet another story of yours that I LOVED, keep up the beautiful writing and feel free to request another review (although I can't guarantee it won't be more of me gushing at how good you are!)

Author's Response: Hi! Don't worry about the timing. I think -- hope, anyway -- that everyone who posts in your reviewing thread truly appreciates the time and effort you put into it and nobody's going to begrudge you the fact that life doesn't always allow us to get around to things as quickly as we'd like.

You know, with respect to gender, this story is one of the things I've posted on HPFF that I'm most proud of. It really wasn't easy, maintaining what felt like a female perspective on things for almost 10,000 words without messing it up somehow. It was a little easier with Tonks, I guess, because she's sort of tomboyish. I can't even imagine trying to do this with Fleur. But I'm always really pleased to hear from a female reader that I did a good job with it.

Wow! I'm beyond pleased that you liked the way I characterized Tonks. I was a little worried that I made her too self-confident, but I guess I sprinkled in just enough self-doubt here and there. I did try to emphasize how brave she is in a "devil may care" sort of way. Overall, I never felt like she got as much attention in the books as she deserved. JKR used her more for comic relief until the tragedy of her death.

I had never really thought about the forest scene in terms of Simba and Nala, but I guess it works. I love it when other people see things in my writing that I never actually thought of. :)

I got all of my Tonks/Charlie head canon from a story that I'm not allowed to identify because it's not on HPFF. Suffice it to say that it made a big impression. I really like the idea of the two of them together. They're both free spirits in a way. Tonks and Remus always seemed like a natural match to me. They're both misfits, but both very caring people. And once she sets her sights on him, she's way too stubborn to take no for an answer.

Well, I have to say that I wasn't really prepared for such a warm reception. Thank you so much for all of the kind, supportive words! It made my day.

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