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Review:Solana says:
Well, this has certainly whetted my appetite for more of this story. You are such a great writer and your take on these characters is so spot-on, I've become attached to them the same way I do when I'm reading any published book.

I too missed Scorpius through this, but I understand thoroughly that you had to get into the relationships between Al and Rose and Selena and Methuselah. The cousins, I feel, are really missing the close relationship they had before Hogwarts and need a spell with just the 2 of them. I think the time they're stuck in Stubbs' office they will have a chance to really share.

Of course I hope you get them out! Let's see ... in addition to the House Elves that someone mentioned, there's Scorpius' guitar strings like he was telling Rose a few chapters back. Could that be what does it?

I hope that Rose tells Al what happened with her and Scorpius. I think he'll understand a lot of things better then.

Oh Selena! She's really growing on me, becoming more multidimensional as a character. She's finding that she likes being with Methuselah even though he's just with books all the time. It's like he seems more real to her than the other boys she's known. I hope they get shipped. I think that's the direction it's going.

As for him, he may be becoming more ... human . with Selena by his side. But I do hope he finds something soon they can work with.

Then Locket going to them and asking for Scorpius. I wondered what she thinks he's going to do, but since he's the only person there who's logically going to try to do something ...

I hope Scorp finds what a good guy he is after all. He begrudged the work before but he's putting his heart into it and people are responding to him. I think he's finding he's using his people skills and musical talents for a good cause. He's basically a brat, certainly not evil, but the way you have the character evolving, he's a teenage boy trying to grow up without any family love or support, and no real friends other than Albus, and that'd be hard on any kid.

I get the feeling he sees Tim as kind of a little brother, really cares for him. And that relationship will be good for him, too.

All in all, I'm feeling after reading this far that these kids are all going to grow through this crisis in ways no one would have thought. I can't wait to read more. You get high marks all around (I do hope you're writing your own stuff as well :-) ... my only gripe is that it seems to take long between updates. But I do understand -- I'm busy, too. :-)

Author's Response: I try to keep my stories character-driven, so if the characters are working for you then I've pretty much succeeded at my primary goal! Scorpius gets to take a back-seat for this chapter, but we will be getting back to him very, very soon. Selena and Methuselah in particular needed some attention and, well, we'll see what happens between Al and Rose stuck in a room together!

Interesting you remember the guitar strings. That'd be a Chekhov's Gun, certainly! We WILL see them again in the future, Twice. When and where - can't say.

Selena is used to being adored or hated. Even Albus, who loves everyone, is clearly only superficially polite to her before dismissing her, and Scorpius reeks of mockery in most interactions. Rose doesn't even bother. And even then, Selena knows that most boys are just being shallow and all about her looks when they DO like her. Methuselah has hit this odd middle ground of treating her the exact same way he treats everyone else, and deep down that's the sort of genuine attention the poor girl craves. Problematic that he treats most people with utter indifference and puts books first, hmm? We'll see if he grows out of that.

Scorpius does have a lot of growing up to do. He's the average teenaged boy - with a lot of damage, a lot of pressures, and in many ways the kids are all still victims of the war, if only for the damage of their parents being passed on to them. And many people assume, well, Scorpius is rich and his family influential, what could he possibly have wrong in his life?

Very glad you've enjoyed the story so far. I do, indeed, write my own stuff (which is why there's been such a huge gap of updates, I have been a busy bee), but I want to get this story finished, too, somewhere down the line. There should be more regular updates forthcoming. Cheers!

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