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Review:patronus_charm says:
I was going to review this last night, then I realised I had nearly hit my 500th review and decided that this should be my 500th instead :D

Eek this mission and theyíre back out Hogwarts! Ah itís so exciting, I almost donít want to carry on reading in case something bad happens :D I really loved seeing all the students revising, as thatís what Iím meant to be doing, but it gives me hope that it will be over one day. It also showed how much James and Sirius have changed from being students at Hogwarts. They used to be so immature and no one thought that James would end up with Lily, and look at them now!

Aw itís making me all nostalgic now! I just want them to go back to Hogwarts where they were protected from everything and nothing evil happened. Then again, all the great Sneth drama happened outside of school and there would be no story if James and Lily were safe and didnít die! I forgot to say that I got so annoyed with Sneth being underlined when I was typing reviews, itís now been immortalised on my Word dictionary :P

I really like the addition of Toby, thereís always that weird person at school who never seems to leave you alone! Ok no need to feel nostalgic, they are back at Hogwarts with the way McGonagall was shouting at them! I honestly thought that they would be experts by now and would have brought along the map and cloak. They never learn.

I really loved Siriusí rapport with Minnie though, it was so him and exactly how I imagined their relationship to be! Good old Minnie letting them know the passwords. I really love how you showed that she had a soft spot for them, as you could really sense she did when she was talking about them in the PoA. The way James was with Fawkes really reminded me of how Harry was with him. Itís so weird to think how similar they both are, yet they never really each other.

This is definitely quote of the chapter Ė ĎďAnd they call this briefÖ I weigh less than this.Ē He let the book fall to the floor with a loud smack, and James winced.í Wub it was so Sirius, I donít think much else could top it.

Rachel how could you do that to me? Why? Why? Why? I could go on repeating that forever :( I was getting so excited that they were going to retrieve the memories and that they would save Beth and everything would be great again, and then Dumbledore (who was great btw!) had to come along and ruin everything. This is almost as bad as Snape getting rid of memories, and I didnít think anything would quite match that. All Iím hoping is that they decide to come back with proper planning. Honestly, if they had brought the cloak and the map they would have managed!

Hope really is a recurring throughout this story, yet my hope keeps on getting dashed. I guess I should put myself in Bethís shoes, as she has a lot worse off than me. At least I can prepare myself for things like James and Lilyís death and Siriusí death sheís just left in the unknown. Unless she dies firstÖ All these questions without answers! Anyhow it was great chapter, even if that incident at the end had to happen!


Author's Response: I'm very honored to be your 500th review! ♥ I loved writing this chapter -- putting the boys back in the Hogwarts setting them and enclosing them, however briefly, in that safe little bubble was such a nice thing to do after all the dark turns Sneth's taken since they've been here last. It's a trip down memory lane as well as a reprieve from death and depression, and I need to go back to the days when my stories were all set in Hogwarts. Such fun!

That bit of Sirius/McGonagall dialogue is my favorite part of this whole chapter -- no, scratch that! Basically everything Sirius says is my favorite, and I think it reverts back to the lightness of Hogwarts, like I just said. Everything's less serious and more sun-colored when I write Hogwarts chapters, and that allows Sirius to be a little looser and goofier. Like that quote about the book heaviness! :D I really miss silly Sirius.

Don't worry -- there's a reason they couldn't fetch the memory bottle! I promise you, everything works out in the end. ;) There is much more planning and preparing in store, that I can most certainly promise you. Keep in mind that last sentence of your second-to-last paragraph, and just hold it there...

I can't give any of your questions answers, but I want to so badly! :P I'll just placate myself with the knowledge that you are a wonderful reviewer and that I hope you'll keep returning to see how everything pans out. Thank you so much! ♥

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