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Review:patronus_charm says:
I may have the first review on this chapter if no one posts while Iím writing this :D

I think this line from Sirius perfectly defined his and Belleís relationship Ė Ďif Belle didnít like that, well bollocks to her.í Theyíre both so headstrong and determined their way is the right way, Iím often surprised that they managed to stay together. Then Iím reminded of the moments like the one at Christmas, and you canít help but aw over them and how perfect they are for one another.

I wondered why Sirius was in a bad mood, and it was so cute that he was so nervous over his first date with Belle. Iím sure itís going to go fine and thereíll be nothing to worry about. Yet, at the last event like this Bellatrix turned up and wounded Lily and James so perhaps I shouldnít be so optimistic.

Aw so Belle wants to have her own book shop, thatís so cute. I can imagine her having one, and considering her and Sirius bonded over him helping her with her homework in the library it makes sense for her to have one. It was so lovely to see how happy she was about the book shop, because the past few months havenít been the best ones for her recently so it was lovely to see her back to her former self.

Ok perhaps Sirius was right to be nervous about the date as something bad did happen. I almost wish they got a break, but then it wouldnít be an accurate portrayal of what happened in that year. I was so scared when they were walking down the tunnel, as you really didnít know what to expect in Hogsmeade. Iím hoping that the Dark Mark set off will be like the one at the Quidditch World Cup and nothing but a Death Eater wanting to scare them all off.

I think this one of the best descriptions of Slughorn I have found Ė ĎSlughorn half waddling half running toward them.í I have a mental image of him doing the exact thing right now! Yay nothing bad has been found, well hopefully they searched thoroughly and nothing was lurking away there. I loved his reaction to Sirius and Belle being there, it seemed as if he didnít expect any less from them. Then Remus and Peter sneaking down, I didnít expect any less from those two either.

Those poor muggles and aurors, I really wish I was right about it being a fake mark, thank merlin that Dumbledore managed to save them all from attack. Poor Alice too, she seemed so affected by the deaths it was horrible to see her crying like that, as I never imagined her to be one to lay bare her emotion all that much if it wasnít anger she was showing.

Wub James was so cute the way he was comforting Lily. You can really see how those two ended up working for the Order, they seemed to have such a strong desire to make justice happen in the world and make it a better place. I felt so bad for James that he know realises that he canít become a quidditch star as he loyalties lie elsewhere. Iím sure he would be happy to know that his daughter-in-law became one.

I spotted a minor error here ĎI didnít want to interrupt you while you were reading the paper, but Mum and dadí I think you need to capitalise the d of dad :)

Another appearance of the evil Alrek! I rather liked getting an insight into his thoughts, as itís always interesting to see what evil people are actually thinking. I feel bad for poor old Jenna being treated like that. Then again, I wouldnít be that suspicious of him if I couldnít see his thoughts and what the other death eaters were up to.

Another excellent chapter and the length was fine and I honestly canít see what you could have cut from this to make it any shorter!


Author's Response: Hi darling! I'm embarrassed with how long this response has taken :(.

I had so much fun writing Sirius's grumpy bratty feeling. Haha. I'm happy you liked that line, it was one that I sort of chuckled during.

The bookshop idea was kind of a random one so I'm really happy you liked it. It just fits though, doesn't it? Her walking around in some long summer dress and looking all magical and unearthly, but then doing something as simple as tending to costumers and organizing her shelves. For some reason it seemed really appropriate, and I'm so happy you think it works well too!

Kiana! I've never thoughts about that! About the fact that James's daughter in law becoming a Quidditch player. That's really cool. Haha. You always spot such neat things.

Alrek doesn't know what he's gotten himself in with this group, does he? Hehe.

I'm so excited that you liked this chapter, and I sort of had the same feeling you about just wanting something normal for them. I think you'll really like the next chapter, and sorry again about the delay for it :(. I felt so terrible at not posting this week, but it just wasn't up to par.

Oh and Slughorn! Hahahahah! I'm really happy you imagined him half waddling half running too, hehe. It was nice little way to giggle during the seriousness.

Thank you again for this awesome review and I hope you aren't upset at me for the delayed update ♥ ♥

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