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Review:Siriusly89 says:
Super speedy update! I’m so happe. . . . . .

You have to sympathise with Edie though, the poor girl just sort of threw herself at Jae, without really thinking about what was going to happen after they pulled apart. Just typical Edie, this girl really needs to look before she leaps, not after!

‘Good-ater’- I have to use that sometime in the near future, I really do. Pure genius.

Poor Edie, I know the feeling. When it is entirely too late, and you know you should really be asleep, but you just stay up typing and re-typing, and the ‘writing mood’ always hits on the night before you’ve to get up early or something like that, and you’re just sitting there going ‘I should really be asleep, but I can’t stop now!’

Oooh! The first draft of Edie’s article. I’ve just read the first two paragraphs, and I can already feel the venom. Oooh, Edie is not a happy camper now is she. I’m just sitting here, pleased as punch, because Oliver needs taking down a peg or two. What’s he doing kissing Rose when he was after stringing Edie along!

I love how even when Edie is being mildly civil, she still manages to get her little digs in here and there. Take the paragraph where she’s describing Oliver’s love for Quidditch, she manages to call him an alcoholic, and slip in his snipe at Kenmare and Ireland (still haven’t forgiven him for that! Wait until Seamus hears, he won’t be his hero after that now will he?)

She totally over exaggerates Oliver’s obsession at Hogwarts, and I love her for it. In true journalist style, she’s managed to turn something small, such as a passing comment, into something massive. Just love her, and you can bet I’m laughing evilly to myself!

I just loved that article. It was so snarky, but yet had a professional edge to it, if you get me? Just pure genius. I cannot wait until it is published! But wait! If Rose and Oliver are going out, that means Rose might stop it from going to print. If she does that, then well, I won’t be responsible for my actions. Strongly worded letters will be sent her way.

Poor Lisa, I know it has to be hard for the poor girl. She really is very sensitive, isn’t she? Justin and his limited emotions are hilarious, although that might just be around Edie. As we all know, she can be anything from mildly awkward, to completely inappropriate! I am so glad she’s going for the job! Yaay! I really hope she gets it. . . .

Yay! No more drinking for Edie. A nice walk really does the same thing, now doesn’t it?


Did not see that one coming.

Although I don’t know why Lisa is so upset? She is getting married to the man of her dreams, so shouldn’t it sort of be okay? Although I have a feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye. . .

My suspicions are aroused!

Another wonderful chapter! Update soon please!

Author's Response: OH MY GOSH THIS REVIEW. :D :D :D

Yes, intersting how Edie accuses Oliver of being thoughtless, and then acts the same way... I can just see them being "that couple" that shows up to dinner parties two hours late with only some paper napkins, or starts political debates with strangers in pubs. What a trainwreck it would be xD

I'm glad the insomnia reads well, as I rarely suffer from it myself. I'm more of the "I'll read this book just to wind down a bit, okay here we go first senten--*snore.*"

Aagggh I was so nervous about the article!! I mean, obviously the one that Edie wrote was really well done, or Witch Weekly would never consider expanding the magazine. I talked it up so much and then had to actually write it xD Maybe it's not the kind of stellar work that Edie did, but I hope it suffices!

Oh my gosh, you're right--I have to include how Seamus feels about Oliver's disproval of Kenmare! It's too good to pass up! Thanks for the suggestion :D

Yes, Lisa is abnormally sensitive these days, if you catch my drift ;D ;D ;D I was so worried about including this in the plot, because I think these kinds of stories get some serious flack on HPFF (at least when involving teens or people outside of relationships.) But I couldn't help but include this little bit of feminism, that even if you ARE married, you may just not want to take that extra step.

Hmm, no, there's not more than meets the eye. (I'm so glad I have everyone paranoid by now though!! haha xD) Lisa was upset because, yeah, sure, she wants a kid. But a few years down the road, when she is prepared, and when she's gotten her "three years of marital bliss." Some people think that's selfish; personally, I think jumping right into parenthood before you are emotionally/financially prepared is selfish. And I think that's all I do as for answering your question :P

Thanks so much for this amazing review!! ♥

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