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Review:Courtney Dark says:
Oooh, there were so many things I enjoyed about this chapter!

First, I love how you include such little, minor details in your chapters, that a lot of people would forget about, like Lily and James' Head Student responsibilities. I really liked that you started this chapter off with Lily up earlier than everyone else, looking over forms for Hogsmeade. It added such a school age touch, if you know what I mean.

I also want to apologize for never saying anything remotely helpful or intelligent in my reviews! I just love all your characters and plot lines so much that I can never think of anything constructive to say!

But anyway. It's so great that even your more minor characters, like Margaret, have personalities of their own. Her reaction to James' wake up call was hilarious - and that definitely seems a very James-like move, sending Howlers into the dormitories of his female Quidditch players!

Ah, the tampon excuse - always a classic! The reactions of the boys, especially Sirius, really made me laugh. And I love how matter of fact Belle is - when she was arguing with Violet, too!

Speaking of Belle, another little part of this chapter I really loved was when she and Peter were discussing the History of Magic essay and she said:“Well, every’zing we know about ze Merpeople is so boring. I just zought I would spice it up a bit.” That line made me laugh, because it sounded exactly like something I would say! I also liked how Belle said that her favourite animal was dog - Sirius' reaction was perfect.

And Belle's going to tell Lily and Alice more about the reason she came to Hogwarts? I'm looking forward to learning more about her, so I can't wait for that. Actually, I really loved Belle in this chapter. She has so much sass!

James was just too adorable at the end of this chapter, when he brought Lily that kitten - it is definitely clear that his family has a lot of money! As soon as Lily started cradling Butterscotch the kitten in her arms, my mind immediately went back to the seventh (I think) Harry Potter book where we found out that the Potter's had a cat which might have died the same night Lily and James were killed. I wonder if this is that same cat? If so POOR CAT!

This was an awesome chapter and true to what I predicted I was going to say in this review in my LAST review, I think it was my favourite yet! Nice job.


Author's Response: Everything you say in your reviews is intelligent and helpful! I can't tell you how much just knowing the parts you like means to me. Especially with how much you pick on things that other people have yet to!

I don't read Marauders much, but the few I have always follow canon in the sense that their head boy and girl but never actually have them doing Head duties! It's always driven me crazy, so I'm excited that you liked seeing theirs in this chapter. Totally just used the wrong 'theirs' twice, btw. Haha.

No man can argue with the, I need a tampon, excuse, right? Haha poor Sirius probably won't ever get over that one :P

See, again with you picking up on lines most people don't. That Belle one about the Merpeople was actually one I really enjoyed writing, an usually I hate everything I write so that was a big deal for me, haha. So I'm really glad that one stuck out at you and you liked it!

Yes yes she's going to tell Lily and Alice about the reason she came to Hogwarts! Next chapter... eek! I'm so excited to see what you think!!

Yes! This is the same cat! But in my mind, after the attack, Butterscotch slips away and some family with a sweet little girl finds him and loves him hahah.

You know, I am tempted to bottle you up so when I hate everything I write you can be there, and I can be like, 'Courtney. Courtney. Tell me something nice.' :P! Thank you again for all the amazing reviews.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, what made you want to start reading an already 27+ chaptered fic? A lot of people don't like starting something so long, so I'm curious why you decided to. Well, whatever the reason, I'm extremely happy you did ♥


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