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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello there Iím here with your fifth review! I know you said that it was probably best to steer clear of this, but if my calculations are correct, Iím going to have to review so you get your eight so here I am :D Plus itís Jilly and I love any Jilly story!

You lied to me this one-shot wasnít awful I love it! I love anything to do with Petunia and this was such a fantastic portrayal of her, one of the best Iíve come across in fact. Her actions were consistent to her thoughts, as I often find they donít match up. She also appeared to be a sympathetic character to the reader, which is rather hard to pull off as usually she just comes off as a bitter old witch (oh the irony...)

I think one of the things which I liked most about this one-shot was that Lily didnít go to Petuniaís wedding. This may sound incredibly minor to you, but I feel as if the jealously Petunia held for Lily in the books ran so deep that she wouldnít want Lily there to show her up and thatís why I loved it so much.

One thing I also really liked is the fact that you made Petunia successful. People tend to make her out as the dumb, ugly and under-achieving one, but I donít think thatís true as they shared the same genes so they must have some similarities. Therefore, I loved how you made her smart, and that she seemed to choose Vernon out of her own liking, not simply as someone to fall back upon.

I also loved how the parents love for Lily and Petunia seemed equal, and they didnít have favourites. I hate it when thereís blatant favouritism towards Lily, when I feel that they would have loved both of them equally. It warmed my heart to see that they went to her graduation and all the other school events, and didnít ignore her as Lily was the special one.

I do have one CC for you is that the spacing between the paragraphs was inconsistent. It didnít distract me, itís more for general presentation and I have OCD over spacing so unless itís equal I feel the need to point it out :P

Another amazing one-shot from you and it was a brilliant portrayal of Petuniaís character as you made her a sympathetic character and one that you grew to like and understand.

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hello again! Thank you for this review- like I say, I'm not particularly enamoured with this story, so hearing such lovely things about it is especially great! :)

I do find Petunia quite a complex character... I thought the last scene with her and Harry in DH was very telling, the way she almost said something to him but then couldn't... that was basically what inspired this! I think she is a bitter old witch (I see what you did there :P), but I think there are reasons for that.

I admit that I didn't put much thought into Lily not being at Petunia's wedding- you make an excellent point though, so I'm glad I did it now!

It's also good that you liked her reasons for ending up with Vernon. The thing is that they actually have a pretty happy marriage in their strange, nephew-abusing way, so I reckon there must have been something between them. And Vernon is pretty much the opposite of Lily haha :P

I'm glad you liked the sisters' parents' attitude. The way I imagine it, they would have tried to celebrate both girls' sucesses, although for Petunia is would never be enough.

Thanks for the point about the spacing! I haven't looked at this story in a while, so it probably does need editing! This has been such an awesome review, because it's put confidence back in a story I really wasn't keen on! I'm enjoying your reviews so much- thankyou for leaving yet another detailed, helpful one of them! :)


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