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Review:LilyLunaPotter17 says:
Hola! Thanks for entering my challenge!

Wow. That was very ... deep. I love the way Voldy is so interested/obsessed with the nature of the Sorting Hat. It made me very curious too! Poor old Sorting Hat - taken down to the Chamber of Secrets and basically tortured for information :( But that just shows what a horrible person Voldemort was and you wrote that perfectly.

I also loved the way Macnair and Avery were in awe of Tom and Macnair was relieved and pleased that Tom had smiled (albeit a very tight-lipped smile) at his comment.

"His thoughts were his and his alone." I don't know why, but this little sentence gets me and makes me think about his whole being. He's able to remove his emotions from his face, make sure nobody knows what he's thinking. I think that really defines his character.

The Sorting Hat's song ... it was really creative! "Their tombs lie side by side, they met again in the end". Before I read the rest of the story, I wondered what "they met again" might mean. Perhaps one killed the other? And they did! I never really thought about what happened to Slytherin after he left the other three. I knew he and Gryffindor were best friends, but they ended up duelling. I'm guessing this story was passed down and that was why Gryffindors and Slytherins are now enemies.

Gosh, Tom really knows what he wants, doesn't he? He seems very set on getting to the bottom of the Sorting Hat. I can really understand his determination - it's kind of like the way he was intent on killing Harry, even after sixteen years (except that his curiosity with the Sorting Hat and discovering its secrets didn't take sixteen years.)

The Sorting Hat is a Horcrux?? :O!! But ... if the Hat isn't destroyed, does that mean Godric is still alive? Not much is known about his death, so you never know! That little idea of the Hat being a Horcrux could be another one-shot, or even a whole story. J.K. Rowling once said that if Godric was still alive, he'd be the giant squid that lives in Hogwarts. She was joking about that, but if she wasn't ... :O!!

The Hat gave Tom advice - it told him not to make Horcruxes and I love the way Tom didn't listen to him. From this, he sounds like a really stubborn person, which was basically his major flaw.

I thought this was a really creative, enjoyable one-shot that was very mind-delving (is that a word?) and deep. Well done!x

Author's Response: Hello, thank you for your challenge which gave me an opportunity to explore these ideas, and for leaving such a long and thoughtful review!!! :)

Yay, you liked the story!!! It's funny, I had this idea of the Sorting Hat being a Horcrux, and kind of combined it with ideas about the founders AND a young, developing Riddle, so this story was kind of a combination of all these different ideas floating in my head.

It's a relief that you thought Riddle was portrayed well. I usually write first person but for some reason just couldn't do it with him. So good to hear you liked the line about his thoughts being his own: I agree that his projecting of a persona onto the outside world and guarding of his inner self just defines who he is. Nobody could ever really know who the true Voldemort was, I guess.

I'm glad you liked the hat's song, I had so much fun writing it and trying to imagine a tune to go with it :P I thought that since Gryffindor would never make a Horcrux to save himself, making a Horcrux was kind of penance for him for killing his best friend, and preserving some piece of Slytherin within the hat as well. The whole Horcrux thing is actually really confusing to me, but I enjoyed imagining how it could have been created!

Maybe I'll have to write a sequel someday explaining more about what happened to Gryffindor!! Him being the giant squid is a wonderful idea, haha. I love the idea of Gryff swimming about, watching Quidditch matches from beneath the water... too good!

Thank you so much for this review, and for the challenge!! :)

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