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Review:Siriusly89 says:
HelloÖÖÖ.Sarahjane here with your terribly late review, for which I am very sorry!

Aah! The 1940ís is my hands-down favourite era! Itís so eerily intriguing, and some of the things that went on scare me half to death, but I still love to learn about it and . .ah, itís really hard to explain, but Iím just going to end of this completely irrelevant paragraph here. Very long story short, I canít wait to read this!

Camille is a very interesting character (I know we are only on the first paragraph but anyway!) She looks the part of an innocent young woman, yet she really is an assassin in disguise. She would be the definition of femme fatale, in my eyes anyway.

Astrid seems, well no, mentally disturbed doesnít seem the right word, but you know what I mean. Shell-shocked doesnít seem to fit it either, but itís like she knows what sheís doing, but she doesnít at the same time, if that makes any sense at all! Aah! I love novels like this, you know, the ones that make you think and analyse things!

Nope, I was wrong. Johanna is femme fatale. You have created such strong female leads, I love it! Because lets face it, back in the 1940ís it was the men that went off to war, and here are the girls doing their piece as well! Girl power!

I like that youíve included some male roles as well. We donít learn much about Xavier, but he seems to grasp the whole situation better than the girls do. Well, Astrid is sort of dead on the inside due to her sister being killed, but the other two still seem to have a sort of, well, not innocence, but naivety about them, whereas Xavier seems to be facing death square in the face screaming ĎShow me what youíve got!í

Poor Simons a prisoner. I like how youíve included a prisoner as well, as it really gives balance to the whole thing. Itís making me very uneasy though, because Iíve read about what went on in those torture camps, and I really donít want to have to see that happening to someone. . . . .see what I mean? Intriguing, yet it scares me. But itís just so darn interesting! Gah!

The insight into the French M.O.Mís efforts to try and overthrow the corrupted Muggle government, without revealing the presence of magic is very interesting, it also pieces together everyone. Camille, Astrid, Johanna, Xavier and now Jean are not just running around killing and imperusing for the sake if it, it has structure and a base, a bit like the Order of the Phoenix, except a bit more lenient about the killing.

Oh my good God! Jean is related to the mayor who they have to kill, and Johanna and Simon were dating and then he got deported and I hope they get him out and youíve just left me on a plot twist and I am definitely favouriting and please feel free to re-request!

And Apolline is Fleurs mother. I actually got that first time round, but I was so busy babbling, I forgot about it. BUT WAIT! If Apollines dead, that means no Fleur. . . . GAH! I need answers!

I am so favouriting.

Author's Response: Hello Sarahjane! I'm late in responding, we're even...

Camille is more of an innocent young woman than she seems, as you might know from reading on. Johanna is most definitely a femme fatale though!

I like your interpretation of Astrid being sort of mentally disturbed, even though I'd never thought of it like that. She is more than a little disturbed by her sister's death, that's for sure.

Well of course there would be men in this story! Haha, your description of Xavier made me laugh, but it fits.

Oh don't worry, I feel horribly uneasy about writing Simon's scenes, and that plus the ToS limits what you will read about. I had to include him though -- I couldn't talk about WW2 without the camps.

A bit like the Order of the Phoenix, absolutely, but they have less morals.

Haha nope, Apolline isn't Fleur's mothers! Astrid is Fleur's grandmother, and I thought it'd make sense that she'd name her daughter after her deceased sister. Which already lets you know that yes, Astrid will survive. SPOILER ALERT WHAT.

Thanks for the review!

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