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Review:patronus_charm says:
Regina represents the person we fear yet admire at the same time. I could see what Rose meant about her commanding tone with the way she stood there, and immediately sussed everything out. Even though I donít particularly like Regina, she did bring up an important point that Rose doesnít really know all that much about Krum, then again, he is secretive so it isnít really her fault.

They found Krum then! Iím guessing heís hiding out in his house in Bulgaria, but I suppose Iíll find out soonish considering Rose is on a plane somewhere! This line seemed a little odd to me, I think itís either missing a word or the structureís a little off ĖĎIt was the first time Rose ever had occasion to ride in an airplane.í It may just be me, but I thought it was best to point it out :)

Iím glad that Rose had the courage to challenge Krum over why she was drawn to him and the whole mess was created. As Regina kindly pointed out to her, she seemed a bit more lenient towards men then Regina was, so I was proud of her that she was standing up for herself, and that Krum really wasnít that Ďirresistibleí.

Youíre right about it being onward and upward, while I do enjoy a good bit of angst it was nice to see a happier and calmer Rose and Krum. Iím starting to get worried now, and that happier scene was just a bluff. First there was no sign of Heart, then her parents and then Krum not answering. What on earth could have happened? Ah Krumís unconscious! Iím guessing itís drug or alcohol related, and I do agree it is sweet that he wanted to protect Rose, or heís just being a stubborn man and refusing to see a doctor.

I think I was as blinded as Rose about how bad Krum really was, I didnít expect him to begin convulsing and doing that to himself. I suppose with people like him you never really know what theyíre going to do, and itís just good that she went and found him as I dread to think what it may have been like otherwise. It was so sweet when he came around though, and Rose was trying to care for him, and Krum was just like Iím fine trust me!

I spotted this here Ė ĎYou saved me, remember? Everythingís going to be okay.Ēí The remember went down to the next line, when it looked as if it could have been on the same one as Ďyou saved meí. I just thought I should point it out :)

The mystery thickens with Krum being unable to remember what happened when he collapsed. I didnít want him to be in that state due to him falling into his old ways, but other than just randomly fainting the only thing I could think of is him being attacked. But who would really want to attack Krum, the only really vindictive person is Regina, but she didnít seem to hold that much hate towards him.

The hearing does sound a little optimistic with what Peter said about Krum keeping his nose out of trouble, as he has done that for the past two weeks. I hope he does get off, as he does seem to be more troubled than a real criminal. Another excellent chapter!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Regina is definitely one of those people who can make you doubt yourself. What she says is true, but somehow distorted, until she sort of backs you into a corner you can't argue your way out of.

I'm really glad you liked the way Rose stood up to Krum. Rose does let him get away with a lot, and he is sort of constantly seeing how far he can push things, but she'll only take so much before pushing back.

lol, I try never to let the characters get too comfortable. Just when they seem to be settling in... I wanted his overdose to be a surprise but still believable. Like you said, when it comes to people with his past problems, you have be prepared for this sort of thing.

haha! Well, I guess you know the ending now, of course. I think you might be the first person to suspect Regina at this point in the story.

Troubled is probably the perfect description for Krum. He isn't really a bad guy; he just makes a lot of bad decisions.

Thanks for pointing out those two errors. I'll make sure to go back and take a second look at them. And thanks for another lovely review!

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