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Review:Siriusly89 says:
Hello! Yay, new chapterino! :)

Oh how Iíve missed Edie.

The sarcastic salute, I salute Edie for that. Because fit people just get on my nerves, stop jogging and just eat some cake for Godís sake!

Edieís inner dilemma on whether to do her job, and ruin not only Oliverís career, but undoubtedly their relationship, or to just gloss over that, and live in a cardboard box with nothing to eat and no hope of ever finding a job in journalism again, but still have her little romance with Oliver is rather complex, isnít it? Iím not even sure if all that made sense, but it did to me, so anyway.

I personally hope Edie writes her article, because we all know that Oliver will forgive her (cough, he wonít, cough, perfect opportunity to set her up with Dean or Simon! Letís not forget the Simon!)

SEAMUS! Of course Seamus had to turn up in the park, its where all the Seamusí of the world go to socialize, and have awkward encounters with their friends.

AH! SEAMUS IS A DEDIE SHIPPER! And, as we all know, what Seamus says, goes, so they have to get together now. They just have to. YOU GO SEAMUS. I didnít think it was possible, but I love him even more now.

Edie has developed a habit, of well, not lying because that makes her sound all manipulative and evil, but lets just say Ďhiding the truthí when really what she needs to do is confide in her friends, because theyíre going to get really angry when they find out all the stuff sheís been hiding from them (well, Dean will, Seamus will more than likely shrug and go make himself a cheese sandwich.

Oh Seamy, its okay, Iíll move in with you if Edie wonít, Iíll even ignore the spiders (even though I have a deadly fear of them. . . .) but anything for you, Seamy, anything.

I think I have a problem. Iím entirely too obsessed with Seamus. Itís actually a problem.

Now this is just freaky. I have been wondering ever since the last chapter what Edieís roll in the war was, and weíve just learned it now. Awh.I was hoping she would have stayed on and kicked some Death Eater butt, but I do understand that not every student was very keen on the idea of dying. Her mother did the right thing, sometimes when Iím reading DH, I wonder how on earth the parents left their children in Hogwarts, but this just shows that Edieís mother had her priorities straight!

Ah Edie and her apparating around Witch Weekly, even apparating is hilarious with this girl. Ah. . . . . .


Oliver is kissing Rose??? Well itís more like Rose kissing Oliver but still! I hate him, I hate her, I hate them both! Edie deserves more than that slime ball, I hope she writes the article and destroys him and runs off into the sunset cackling madly! Grrr... .

Awh, poor Edie. but what on earth is she going to Jae for, when Dean and Simon are both ready and available, that girl, Iíll never understand her.

Although thatís why sheís so endearing, she just mucks up so much its impossible not to love her!

Another wonderful chapterino!

Author's Response: Hey, you snagged the first spot again! Nice ;3

Ugh, yes. Her dilemma is quite complex... sometimes I think almost too much so! I keep trying to simplify things in the plot when I'm writing, but there's so many things going on. So I guess this story is just going to be as chaotic as Edie's life!

I totally thought about you when I was writing Seamus in this chapter :P That bit where he realizes exactly why she's trying to get in shape has been in the plot for a while, but initially it was going to just be mentioned in passing. But I just have too much fun with Seamus! (I totally snorted at the cheese sandwich comment. Because he totally would. But it would be at Edie's flat, when she isn't there, with her bread and cheese.)

Edie's role in the war is actually important to the plot (BECAUSE I CAN'T JUST PICK ONE PLOT TWIST AND STICK WITH IT, GUH.) But it has a lot to do with why she tries to be so politically opinionated and active now.

Hahaha! I totally should have had her go to Simon, I didn't even think about that. Well, Jae is more important to the story, but I can't shake the image of Kate Nash and Simon Pegg--two gingers. Too cute. :P

Thank you so much for this review! It was so entertaining to read! I can't quite get over the cheese sandwich... ♥

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