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Review:teh tarik says:
OK I'm not sure I can even say anything coherent but I WILL TRY.


WOOOW. This is such and incredibly mesmerising beginning. It's so dark and so elegant and you've really gone into so much detail to develop this spooky, hypnotic atmosphere and the very ornate setting of St Tenebris - such a perfect name, too, with the candles and everything. And as usual, your descriptions and imagery are just stunning. One of the things I really really enjoy about your writing is how ambitious the descriptions are; they're grand, but they're also incredibly precise and at certain times, they focus on really specific and striking details. The castle of volcanic rock is just.gah :O :O :O

And oh, Pomona. She's so innocent ♥ She's such a pleasant character and it feels like she's incredibly out of place in this grand party, which is really elaborate and sumptuous and all, and yet it also feels tainted. I'm guessing Tom is sort of attracted - no, intrigued - by her youth and her untaintedness. And I love that Pomona is not just a limp passive thing; there's something stubborn in her, and a certain pride at how she doesn't simply back down and flee when refused entry to the castle. And the way she asks Mr. Riddle: shall I look for you later? LOVED this moment so much because her naivete made me cringe a little and at the same time I wanted to grab my screen and hug it and hope some of that hug gets transferred to Pomona. Ugh, Mafalda. I swear she brought Pomona along just so she could feel superior over the poor girl and all. I mean, she didn't even choose Pomona as her plus-one arrrghhh.

And Riddle. OMG. SOOO SEXAH. But creepy. I cannot get the image out of my head of Riddle's gloved hand touching Pomona's wrist afaosiufvgjiosoixsa. It's just. Something so simple and yet and yet. And. HE MAKES A DRAGONFRUIT LOOK SO DELICIOUS when everyone knows that dragonfruit is just about the most tasteless thing in the known universe (OK, at least to me...) despite its really colourful flamboyant skin and omg is this a clever symbol of the dazzling but completely detached Mr. Riddle!?? But really, he's the perfect Tom Riddle from the Potterverse in a different universe, the one who can simulate charm and mystery and manipulate people around him so easily. I mean, he's even using Legilimency here (at least I think he was sort of reading Pomona's thoughts about what a riddle he is). That bit about acquiring Cyntia Herald's finances really got my alarm bells ringing, though it might very well be a false alarm because your writing is never predictable. BUT. I sorta thought of Hepzibah Smith from the books, and how Tom Riddle charmed her into such a trusting state before making off with her treasure and all.

The Polyjuice Potion Ball is just a brilliant concept. Nuff said.

I was so intrigued at Riddle pulling out a begonia out of nowhere and slipping it into Pomona's previously-nonexistent pocket that I hit google because I'm a nut like that and typed in 'begonia symbolism', and guess what I found. BEWARE. Begonias mean BEWARE. OMG. NOOO POMONA. I'm hoping it's a coincidence, but reading your very chilling description of the begonia's roots curling inward "like a corpse's rigid fingers", I have this strange sense that things are just going to get a lot darker. And my jaw smashed onto the floor when Riddle KISSED HER SOFTLY AT THE BASE OF HER THROAT. :O :O Total squee moment there. And yet at the same time I'm feeling kinda dismayed because Riddle is probably faking it, playing some game, impersonating some sort of dark mystery brooding romantic figure or something.

...this isn't going to have a happy ending now, is it? :(

Aah absolutely amazing chapter & I can't wait till next week ♥

teh ♥

Author's Response: teh! ♥ I don't know what I've done to deserve your amazing reviews but holy cow, do I appreciate them! You're such an insightful reader and you pick up on every little detail. It gives me squees. :D

I've been wanting to write something "It was a dark and stormy night"-ish for quite some time, with monochrome tones and strange, eccentric characters lurking from every angle, and thus Devil's Snare was born. ACK, Pomona's naivete. D: I'm a little bit embarrassed for her. The hopeful "Shall I look for you later?", which he pretended not to hear... D: Clearly Pomona does not know who she is dealing with.

I think my number one focus in writing this story was to take a larger-than-life villain and shove him under a lens that doesn't normalize him, but shows that deep down he is nothing more than a charming psychopath with a wand. He just wants to do bad things and will use any means to do that.

Mafalda is totes r00d. She brought two plus-ones and just left Pomona hanging. What you said about dragging her along just so that she can make herself look superior to her is spot-on.

Yes, you caught the Legilimency! (See, this is one of the things about having you as a reader that makes me squee. You notice everything.)

I'm very glad that the conversation about Cyntia Herald's estate reminded you of Hebzibah Smith. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might notice something about that in Chapter 2. :)

-dances around because you googled the meaning of begonias- I use the language of flowers a lot in this story to show that pretty things are not always as nice as they seem.

Eeep, this review. You are just gahh. ♥ Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

- Sarah

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