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Review:patronus_charm says:
I adored the minor details in this chapter, but I think the one which was the best was the mention of someone having a temper tantrum and spilling the water on the ground, and the windows going cloudy. I loved the accent you gave to the cleaner, and I can just imagine him speaking like that.

Beth do not go on this date! You are meant for Snape, not this random Timothy guy you donít even know! Thereís some mythological tale where a couple had to be apart for 20 years but they finally got reunited, so there is hope for Sneth! You just have to keep on waiting and it will happen. Besides, James and Sirius have a plan at the ready so there really should be no need to worry.

See Beth, you went on the date and Timothy asked you awkward questions which made you bring up your parents, and whether you wanted children or not! Ok I guess I am being a little to bias hereÖ Timothy does seem rather nice, but thereís just thing about him which makes me suspicious. I guess Iíll find out later on rather those feelings are correct or not.

I never thought I would be cheering for a gut, but I am now! That possibly sighting really shook Beth, which I guess shows that she really isnít ready to begin dating other people *insert evil cackle*!

Sirius is just awesome. Though I am slightly worried about that shaking sound in his milk! Even though Beth and James are closer, since James married Lily it really has made them closer and itís so sweet to see. He could just tell from the way he said how his date went, and he sensed that something was clearly up. I guess the difference between he and James is that heís less willing to accept Snape is a part of Bethís life, and I suppose that relates back to when he used to like her.

Ack! I donít really know how to deal with the drama of the last bit! The revelation about what Sirius did, and then Beth punching him! Woah so much drama, but it was all brilliant! I canít wait to see what follows on form that, and whether they will make it up. I like to think that Sirius is sorry, but I suppose weíll never really know!

Another awesome chapter Rachel!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I love that little bit about the temper tantrum and the fountain -- I'm not sure why, but it seemed like little snippets like that were sprinkled all throughout the canon series. They seemed to be lacking in Sneth when I wrote that, so there you have it! :) I'm glad you liked it too!

There is much hope for Snape/Beth! Hope is the word for this story, after all, but I think that she's so determined that there's no way she's going to give up without several long, hard fights. And you're right -- with James and Sirius by her side, anything is possible, right? Timothy isn't supposed to be a horrible guy, but there are just things he says and does that... cross lines. (Again, stealing liberally from a particular real-life experience there.) I'm a bit biased when I'm writing it too, though, so my words probably don't mean a thing!

The shaking sound in Sirius's milk is probably my favorite line from this entire chapter. ♥ You know when you write something that's supposed to be funny, and you personally find it so funny you always have to smile at it? That's that line for me! I do think, though, that Sirius's motivations where Beth's dating is concerned don't come from him liking her in the past, because he really didn't, you know? He loved the idea of having someone to love like James had Lily, and saw Beth as the best candidate, but it was never romantic. It's more the fact that after all this time, he completely doesn't understand why Beth is attracted to Severus, because Sirius hates Severus and always will.

Beth punching him! Ah, so intense -- she basically hates him right now, not going to lie. Which probably destroys Sirius, poor guy. There's a good bit of follow-up coming from that, but Beth'll stay mad at him for a while. As for Sirius being sorry, he definitely isn't sorry he did it, but he's sorry he got caught -- just like Beth said.

Ah! I cannot believe you're still reading this for me. That just makes me so, so happy. ♥ Thank you for reviewing, Kiana!

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